Wolf 30' gas range

debgetJune 27, 2012

Hi, Just bought a house c/w wolf 30" gas range. The burners work nicely but when the oven is turned on I have noticed a gas smell. When the oven is turned on it takes about a minute before your hear the flames. Is this normal? Should there be a gas smell?

With thanks,


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Hi Deb, I have the 30" all gas Wolf in my kitchen and there is no gas smell when I turn on the oven. You should probably contact Wolf customer service about having it checked out. In the mean time, I wouldn't use the oven until you find out what is causing the gas smell.

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I agree with Maryl1. But I think what might be the problem is the ignitor needs to be replaced. If the ignitor is not working properly, it takes a long time for the gas to ignite, leading to a gas smell and the full minute before flames. Replacing an ignitor is an easy fix. Some would even do it as a DIY - find out the part number, purchase it on the internet and switch out the old ignitor for the new. Or have a service call, and it should not cost a lot. Ignitors fail after a while just through age and use, having nothing to do with the quality of the range or the brand.

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If an oven ignitor fails, or doesn't get hot enough, there should be no gas smell at all. There is a thermocouple that senses when the ignitor is hot enough to ignite the gas, and only then does the servo send gas to the ignitor.

Sometimes the gas line to the ignitor, or ignitor get out of alignment, and the gas doesn't light immediately.

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