Wolf range - which is better? Gas, Dual Fuel, or ??

seosmpJune 6, 2013


While scrambling to figure out my cooktop/oven/range selection ASAP, I've heard great things about the Wolf products in general, including the range. But I've found there seem to be 2 basic models (I'm looking at 36" with 6 burners).

Which is better??? I see the DF is a lot more expensive. Is it worth it?

GR366 - seems to be all gas (burners and oven), but no timer, no digital display, not self cleaning -- not sure I like this???

DF366 - dual fuel (gas burners, electric oven), has timer, digital display, self cleaning.

Is pre-heating an issue of either?

I should mention that I will have an Electrolux electric oven under a MW on another wall.


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Some people have a strong preference for the all gas because it does not have an integrated circuit board to break. Other people must have self clean. Pre-heat times are roughly the same.

Some people prefer electric ovens for baking multiple racks of pastries and breads but prefer gas for roasting meats and certain dense breads.

There are three "hot" ranges on Appliance Forum right now.

Capital Culinarian. very powerful even heat burners and offers as an upgrade self-clean gas oven. This oven also a motorized rotisserie. Comes in 8 colors as well as stainless steel.

Bluestar RNB similar burners offers dedicated simmer burner, optional French top and comes in 240 colors plus unique finishes like copper .

American Range Performer Series. Similar burner configuration to Bluestar but least expensive of four ranges.

You can read more extensive details about these ranges in several Appliance Forum threads.

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If you are getting an electric wall oven I suggest you go all gas and have the best of both worlds.

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I would first ask how do you plan to use your ovens?

I have the Wolf DF and Electrolux wall oven, because when I need both ovens, I want all the features of both available. Some may need/want one of each because they feel one electric oven is enough and some people don't care about them at all especially at the price differential. I have used standard ovens gas and electric for many years before I bought these ovens.

The differences between the DF and the AG Wolf.

The Wolf DF has dual fans and convection elements with those fans. You will hear this referred to as True, European or third element convection. This is helpful if you have your oven full in keeping things baking evenly without turning , rearranging, etc. The gas oven has a single convection fan on and off. I think this is very helpful in the 36 inch wide oven.

The electric oven has different modes that allow you to combine heat from different directions and runs the speed of the convection fans.
If you were looking at electric ovens in general, use of computer boards could be a risk in two ways. The first is exposure to heat and damage to the circuit boards. The second is if the programs on these boards fail to work as they are supposed to. I think some appliances have been rushed to market without adequate testing of the electronics but I haven't seen any problems with the electronics with Wolf. I personally find all of the modes to work very well and have had no problems with the electronics even when self cleaning.

You will read some confusing things comparing gas and electric heat in ovens. Most sources say gas is moist heat because there is some water released as a product of combustion and electric heat is dry, but they fail to consider how the ovens work and how the process of cooking works in the oven cavity. Gas ovens are ventilated more so the moisture is vented out. This produces a dry heat which can be beneficial for roasting and produces a crispiness. Convection does this in an electric oven. Some people think the "moist" gas heat keeps the meat moist but this is a fallacy as it is the end temperature of the meat that determines moisture content. Electric ovens are more of a closed system so tend to hold the moisture from what you are cooking. This beneficial for anything that needs to rise and has to do with starch gelatinization. Bread bakers often add steam to the first part of the baking cycle for this reason, but anything that needs to rise will benefit from the increased humidity.

The gas oven has an infrared broiler, which many people love due to very high heat. This may be narrower than the electric broiler though. I would look for your self to compare. You will have your other broiler too.

As far as preheat times, the DF takes about 20 minutes to come to 350F and the Electrolux takes 7 minutes but both need additional time to fully stabilize for baking. As far as preheat on the AG maybe someone who actually owns one will comment on the time.

I have had pitting of the blue enamel on the DF range and the Electrolux oven.. They are both mainly over the element. I will post on how this works out. It is a safety hazard because you have the chipping enamel which is glass shards mixed with a convection fan. I have had them just under 5 years. The Wolf is under a parts only warranty and the Electrolux is under an extended warranty. As you can see service that a company provides is critical. When considering any brand read on this forum about their service.

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Wow - thanks for posting all of that information!

Which Electrolux oven do you have? I should probably get the extended warranty on those too.

For someone who doesn't cook or bake very much ---- would 2 Electrolux ovens suffice? I may bake cookies or cupcakes for kids parties or holidays. I may make lasagna or dishes like that once in awhile. But I do not cook a lot (although I'd like to do it more after the kitchen is done). I don't think I would have multiple things going at the same time.

We do use the oven a lot (pizza, pigs in blankets, pre-made frozen dishes, tater tots, chicken patties, things like that), just not for dishes made from scratch. I plan to do more of that, but it still wouldn't be as much as probably most of the people on these forums.


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I have the regular Electrolux. I would definitely get an extended warranty for as long as possible, but make sure you read all the exclusions. Do you mean get a cook/range top and two wall ovens? I think you would be happy with the Electrolux in the way that it functions and it would be something that would meet your needs if you want to expand your repertoire in cooking. My only caveat is the enamel.

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which is better? Gas, Dual Fuel, or ?? ...kind of like asking "which is better? manual or automatic transmission?" Neither is better, it's what you prefer that makes the difference. I have an AG range, and would have nothing but. No bells or whistles, just a hot place to put food to cook. Some prefer the timers and controls, that's their preference.

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