A bit OT... holidays gone to pot. blah

milosmom_gwNovember 22, 2011

UUUGHHH.... just when I thought we'd had enough already. We had a wind/rain storm come through last night and lo n behold , I get up this morning to find a nice biiig water mark on the living room ceiling.

Filed the insurance claim and called a contractor to come tarp the house. Now's the point I just say DAMMIT *excuse me*.

Here we are a few days before the holidays really begin and the house looks awful. We're now members of the "blue roof" club , the roof is shot , the insulation is wet , the ceiling is ruined and the amount of mess it's going to create both inside and out is rediculous (I used to work for a contractor so I know where we're headed all to well).

the only fortunate thing is I hadn't already started decorating for Christmas inside or out.

If not badly before, I'm just really wishing now that 2011 would just go AWAY. I've had enough. :(

~end rant~

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Not to sound preachy, but if that's your only problem you are BLESSED. Two close family members will be missing from our celebration this year because of unexpected deaths in January.

In fact, I was cooking the "lucky" New Years Day (Jan. 1st!!) dinner when I got the call my brother (only sibling) was on his death bed.

A week and a half later, my MIL just keeled over.

Give me a crappy roof any day! LOL I do hope it doesn't cost you a fortune though. Could it be it only needs new shingles?

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Marlene Kindred

Wow...so sorry to hear about your roof problems. I know you've had other things going on this year too and one more piled on top I'm sure just makes you want to scream to high heaven. I hope that your roof will be able to be fixed soon and that the weather will hold out for the work to be done. Maybe this Christmas will be "bare bones" decorating...but hey, look at it this way....you won't have so much to put away come January. Wishing you a much slower paced and less hectic 2012!

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MM, Breathe, you know the old saying 'When It rains, it pours'. Sounds like you need a new roof and maybe more.Ouch! Stinks to have this happening after all you've been through this year.

Oakley has given some good words of wisdom in her post. We do need to Give Thanks for the Blessings in our Lives.So True... The roof, insulation and ceiling are things that can be replaced.

I know we all let the negative things in our lives take over at times. A little rant can soothe the sole! Hope your on top of this now and moving forward. I'm sending hugs and prayers your way. Hope you and yours still have a wonderful TG dinner.

Oakley, so sorry to hear your brother and MIL will not be celebrating with you and yours this year.


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MM, so sorry to hear about your roof.
I know you have had a trying year, but like the old saying
"women are like teabags, you never know how strong they are until they are in hot water."
I'd say you are a strong woman and I understand why you are looking forward to a new year.
Fortunately, a roof can be replaced, so glad you could get some stress off your chest here, but try to enjoy your holiday anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Well, I wouldn't call much of anything this year leaving us blessed other than somehow still being alive but it's a nice thought for next year. I could only wish this was our only problem.
I really do realize that it's a material item that can be replaced but it joins the ranks of the 1000s of $s and headaches we've been out this year on my transmission, our home airconditioner/heating system. On top of that my health problems, my husband getting burned at work, the health problems and abrupt moving out of my only son.
I also have a very clear understanding of the hurt of loved ones not being here due to the the deaths of my beloved FIL, best friend, former roommate to suicide with no answer as to "why", and a much loved elderly neighbor all just in the last 6 months.
I had a contractor come today and put the tarp on it and while he was here he inspected the rest of the roof for me as a courtesy and said the whole thing will have to go or I'll have more problems in the very near future.
In as it being such a minor issue, it's one that has I think finally just pushed me over the edge as I've already been on the *down* side coping with holidays coming without FIL especially being here and the first holidays that my son isn't going to be home & DH working his life away so it didn't meet well at all to get into this (now).
I'll be reclusing a bit but wish all of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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I'm with ya, milo ...just say ***'Dammit!***'
Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Milosmom, maybe you and I should tie one on together? lol. I swear, 2011 has been one he!! of a year for both of us. I didn't realize about your other loss, I'm so sorry.

Keep posting, we need each other for our sanity!

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MM, I don't even know what to say at this point. Your year has been so terrible, and heartbreaking. I can certainly see why this would push you over the edge. The mess and expense are nothing to look forward to (had it myself in Feb right after I lost my Dad. Kinda makes one want to scream at Fate for being such a b----!)

I hope you can come here and let us offer support.. and a
lot of prayers and caring will be coming your way.
Rant all you want, it helps to get it out.

hugs, Karen

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Gosh, MM that stinks.
You must feel like you are at your wits end.
Rant all you want.
I hope things start looking up for you soon.
Thinking of you

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MM, don't stop coming here--it's okay to rant and rave, it's been a horrible year for you and your family/friends. And doesn't it just seem like these expensive repairs always pop up right at the worst times? (Well, I guess there is never a "good" time, huh?)

I keep trying to find time to get on here and to comment on all the posts, but it's almost impossible these days. But I love knowing that when I do have some quiet time, I can come here and read about what all of you are doing--and it never fails to make me feel better. Even if you don't feel like posting, you can enjoy the great decorating the other's are doing and store up some ideas for 2012!

Life is hard sometimes, but we are survivors and just like that tea bag! Hang in there, and just deal with it one day at a time. Come rant some more anytime you need to.


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Well said, luvs! ...& I know you've been given a heavy burden so it is good to hear from you, too. Hugs, Jeanne S.

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