Question about adjusting Bluestar Rangetop burners

sonny_hJune 10, 2014

Hi. Just put in a bluestar 36" range top - Love it so far. However, I noticed that some of the burners are not adjusted so the lowest setting is not low enough, especially the simmer burner that is pretty much the same on high or low settings.

I watched the video that explains how to adjust the flame height. I bought a 1/8" screwdriver from home depot but couldn't make it work (the neck was too thick to rotate feely within the brass knob support.

My question is, do you have a recommendation of what kind of screwdriver I should use for this purpose? I don't want to have to wait weeks for the service repair person to come out to do the adjustment.


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Very thin, jewelers type screwdriver works best.
I adjusted my simmer burner, and now slow cook all day long without using my crock pot....

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Another suggestions is to find something that does fit in to that opening and then go back to homedepot or another hardware store and look for a screwdriver that is the same thickness or less than what you were able to get to fit in that opening.


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I found just the right one online and it worked like a charm. Was able to adjust my burners for the proper low setting. Adding the link here in case someone else has the same conundrum

Thanks for the help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Klein tools 1/8 screwdriver

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