Just saw my floorplan on House Hunters

minneapolisiteJune 17, 2012

That was kind of fun. :) I know the show is totally staged but I like to watch it when they are "shopping" in my area. The last house the couple visited was a 2010 version of my floorplan. (Just slightly different than ours--the builder has tweaked it over the years.)

The only negative comments they had about it was the lot (it was in one of those communities where the houses are really packed in tight) and the wife thought it was really weird that they had two shower heads in the large master shower. She said she couldn't imagine being dirty enough that you needed TWO shower heads to get clean...the narrator said that they were "newlyweds" so I'm sure they will eventually figure out the advantage to two shower heads, LOL! :)

This was the exact listing they were looking at:

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Looks cute...

Where is the floorplan?

Who was the builder?

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Builder: Hanson Builders based in Andover MN
Floorplan: "Northland" (with is a smaller version of their "Crestview.")

(Hanson is a semi-custom builder. We were originally going to do a totally custom build, but fell in love with one of their floorplans, discovered they were going to build on on the PERFECT lot for us, and realized we would save about $50,000 AND get a better location by going with semi-custom instead of true custom.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Hanson Builders

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I saw that! Not the entire episode, but I do remember going through channels and seeing the comment about the two shower heads. I thought...can she really be this clueless? But maybe that was 'the script'...and it was a pretty house! :)

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Looks very neat, anywhere I can find floor plans?

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They don't publish them online, and ours is a slightly different version, but there are some images on this thread:


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