The first step completed. ~color reveal pics~

milosmom_gwNovember 15, 2012

Whew... step one, finished. lol

The big wreath for the house which I decided to light up as well.

The door wreaths... boring and still subject to tweaking (once I wade through the totes and find the

and the potted trees...

Everything this year is the royal blue and gold. Not sure why some of the ornaments photographed darker but they aren't.

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slinkey far I'm loving and enjoying what you done.
The colors you used are beautiful and so rich looking.
Now I'm looking foward to seeing them up and lighted!
I think when you're done you'll find all that hard work will be well worth it -
especially when you get to sit back and enjoy it!

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They look so very pretty
You are really going to town
Can't wait to see the next step

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You're making me feel like I'm behind. I've got to get in gear!!!!

Looks good so far. I like the royal blue and gold.

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Love the royal blue & gold...the potted trees are gorgeous...those 'starry' tops look great! Wow, the big wreath for the house is HUGE...makes those balls look little in the pic! And those door wreaths are cool, any more of those gold leafs to try? Wow, lookin' good ...I'm still in the Fall/Tksgvg mode...but am cutting greens for outdoor decor! At least when it's cold & a bit dreary (with no snowfall sometimes) ...I can look out & see 'some green!' Keep sharing pics, MM! wonderful! Jeanne S.

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DITTO to all the above! The blue and gold is striking. I LOVE, LOVE the pair of potted trees!! You make me want two of them now! I have a potted one I bought at Michaels on clearance several years ago, but seeing how wonderful TWO look...WOW!

Lot of work on those wreaths, but definitely worth the labor involved.

hugs, Karen

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MM, you really are going all out for DS this
year. I'll bet he's feeling pretty special
seeing his school colors used to celebrate
the season this year. I'm enjoying the blue
and gold too!

You decorated your potted trees so beautifully.
Did you paint the planters? I love that you'll
have different sized wreaths displayed. Great
job so far and I'll be looking forward to more!


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Looks great! but that's odd about the ornaments showing up as different colors in the photos! I was thinking of doing blue this year (never have before) but didn't see any blue ornaments in the stores where I looked.

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TY all :).

Punk: My son doesnt live here so he hasn't seen it. I've decided he'll either a) humor me and smile or b) groan in manly fashion. LOL I didn't paint the pots , they came that way.

Jeanne : I have a few leaves left but not enough to do much with.

PM: The "off colors" happen to me quite ofton. I'm pretty sure it's the camera operator though. lol
Since coming up with this idea, I've found that blue is one of the harder colors to find. Most of mine have came from the dreaded wmart which I hate going in but I digress and bigLots.

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