Please Help me choose Appliances (Mix and Match)

rdw829June 24, 2012

I think I have narrowed our appliance options down to Frigidaire Gallery, Kitchenaid, Bosch and GE Profile.

We were hoping to keep the budget at $3k, but I realize that is tough to get quality.

So, if we were willing to mix/match brands to get the best appliances, what would you recommend?

EG, KA refrigerator, GE or Frig, Gallery range and OTR micro, Bosch or KA DW?

I realize I may be giving up some group discounts, so I may need to buy at least 3 of the same, but looking for input from the experts :) I have been reading and researching up the wazoo, but I'm finding mixed reviews for everything.

GE Profile has a $500 rebate if I get 4 pieces, but I'm reading not so great things here on the GE Frig (and Bosch, and Frig.) - so leaning towards KA for that. Think I would do KA or Bosch for DW over GE or Frig. And GE Profile or Frig. Gallery for range and micro.

But - I don't even know which of these would mix well together.

So, all of that said - looking for whatever advice I can get!

Also, is ocunter dept a must (fridge will be between two counters) or can we save money with full depth? We are looking at S x S, water / ice in door.

Thanks for any and all advice! (and sorry if I am repeating anything I already asked - trying to get it all in one place!)

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You can definitely save money on a regular depth fridge. I am not sure if this is a new build or a renovation, but look into whether or not your builder/renovator can set the refrigerator into the wall. This takes about six inches depending on the refrigerator. This way you get a look close to counter depth, but you get a better price and a bigger fridge. Good luck.

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Before deciding on fridge depth, you need to determine what is the distance between the two counters. 2nd question is whether or not you have the option of recessing into wall and still be able to run the water line for ice/water. Once you've determined that, then you can move on to brand.

I vote KA DW over Bosch any day of the week--Bosch has less stacking flexibility (IMO), no food grinder (you've got a filter to clean instead), and no heated dry. KA has all these features in models that are more pocket book friendly.

My sister has the GE Profile double ovens and loves them.

Get back to us with the measurements and we can help you from there. Hope this helps!

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Update: Wound up going with an all Kitchen Aid package. We got a good discount buy buying 4 appliances from the same package.

Went with counter depth b/c the difference was less than $600 - and we felt that we would always be worrying about the depth.

Hoping we love it - got all 4 pieces for under $3600! (before tax). Would have liked to go with the local appliance place, but with more than a $1K difference out of pocket (and no rebates to deal with!) - I had to go with the big box store (Best Buy).

Thanks for all of the advice I got here!

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