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blakeasJune 4, 2011

I have been told not to do a sponge tilt out drawer by the sink because of the bacteria grows there. Is that true? I guess it is a dark place but what do people place their sponges? I am tired of placing the sponge on top of the countertop on a holder. I wanted something so I didnt have to see it and i thought the sponge tilt out drawer would be the way to go. Any suggestions?

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I think it has to do with the confined space the sponge ends up in. Just about all sponges will harbor bacteria, mold, mildew, but the tighter the space the more growth you may have. Plus think about having to clean the yucky black stuff out of that tight plastic holder over time. EEEEWWWW!

I'll be honest here...I had a sponge tilt out drawer for 10 years and used it maybe the 1st week and that was it. The sponge was back on the sink edge. It was just much easier to access there vs. the tilt out. Putting a handle or a pull on the tilt out isn't usually a comfortable idea as it digs into your tummy as you're working at the sink. That leaves you the option to grab the edges and pull to open it.

Maybe you could place your sponge on the holder in the cabinet under the sink just inside the cabinet door. It's still dark, but there is greater air circulation as it's a much more open space. The only thing you have to clean at that point is the holder and it pops right in the dishwasher as does the sponge.

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I had sponge placement concerns as well. Got lots of opinions over in kitchens. See thread here

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Darkness is not the issue so much as the lack of air circulation, which prevents the sponge from drying. Bacteria are basically aquatic, freshwater organisms. They don't need much, but the more they have, the more they will grow.

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We just squeeze the sponge by hand to wring out excessive water and put them in the tip out.

They dry in less than 12 hours.

It is not like the tip out is tightly sealed to anything behind it.

At least once a week the sponges are saturated with water then pit in the microwave soaking wet for 4-5 minutes.

They water left in them is boiling hot by the time we remove them to cool using tongs (they are that hot).

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They have the tip out holders now with air holes built into the plastic or metal container, so that the sponge can get plenty of air once the drawer is flipped in. Also they make the suction cup style holders that stick to the inside of the sink, keeps it out of site, off your counter but still handy.

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These are brilliant:

Magisso Magnetic Kitchen Sponge

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