Glass and metal mosaic cutting HELP

jjaazzyJuly 20, 2014

Help, we have thin 1/4" wide long strips of metal and glass. The metal is aluminum and it has a mesh backing. How do you cut the metal without it pulling it all around. We have tried it right side up and upside down and it keeps binding. We can cut one at a time but how do you do it on the mesh?

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I assume you mean at the ends of rows?

Remove it from the mesh for cutting, use hacksaw, and set those pieces individually.

This may help

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Thank you, was hoping that was not the case, my tile is more metal then glass..... guess I have a lot of work ahead. Thanks....... The metal is hollow in middle so it grabs the blade..... well this project is going to take a while. Thanks again.

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Wrap the tile (on the mesh) with saran wrap. It helps it stay together, and the backing doesn't get wet.

Ffeed it slowly, and it seems to work for me. I also cut Schluter with the wet saw.

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Thanks all, we are in the thick of it now. have not tried the saran wrap yet, when we start again we might try that or blue tape. Till then I am cutting them individually to fill in where we had already started. Thanks!

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