Marvel drawer fridge disappointment

rricriJune 11, 2014

My new kitchen appliances were just delivered today and I'm very disappointed. I specifically ordered the Marvel 60rde drawer fridge with the plan of storing 2 liter bottles in the bottom drawer.
The Marvel product page says "extra deep bottom drawers allow most 2-liter and opened wine bottles to be stored vertically."
And the Marvel brochure online says "Stainless steel drawer dividers neatly hold food and beverages
in place, including vertical 2-liter bottles, gallon containers
and wine bottles." And includes a photo with a normal looking 2-liter bottle.
OK they say "most 2-liter bottles", but I tried 4 different 2-liter bottles and =none= of them, not even the shortest, will stand up when the drawer is closed. They all hit the top of the drawer support when the drawer is closed.
I will call Marvel tomorrow and ask what they had in mind with this kind of wording in their promotion. Any words of advice? Anyone have a similar problem?

Here is a link that might be useful: The link for the Marvel drawer product page

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Oy! What a thing to have happen!

Mine are the all stainless drawers from five years ago. I don't know if that makes a difference. I almost never have 2 liter bottles, but I think I had one in there once, standing upright. My memory says orange Fanta, but it could have been another Coke product or Canada Dry. I wonder if the bottler matters? I'm in Southern California...

My bottom Marvel drawer does hold a 2 gallon tall jug of distilled water, a one liter bottle from the Soda Stream, which appears to be a similar height of a 2 liter bottle, and most wine bottles. I have one bottle of wine in there now that doesn't quite fit, and riesling bottles don't either, but most wine bottles do. Standard sized bottles with Vacu-Vin re-corking stoppers fit just fine, and I think I've had white wines in there with their own corks shoved in. The slightly taller, thinner 750 ml bottles, the ones that are more like a riesling bottle height with high shoulders, like some cabs and Spanish old vine reds I have, don't fit restoppered (if you like your reds refrigerated), thought they fit fine unopened. I usually put them in before dinner just to take them to serving temperature, but they don't get chilled once opened. :)

Definitely talk to Marvel. Perhaps it needs to be adjusted or replaced?

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Thanks plllog. I just called Marvel and they are looking into it. Certainly the new taller Coke bottle is out of the question, but the shorter older style bottles they thought should fit. They're checking with the engineers and will call back. Maybe the 2014 model has changed some.

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Found out a few years back Marvel changed the design on the drawer fridge which caused those 2 liter bottles to not fit any more. Customer service (who were very nice by the way) says there was a disconnect between engineering and marketing so some of the web material still said most 2l bottles would fit when that is no longer the case. Now I have to figure out what to do with the drawer fridge. Thanks plllog for your help.

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Easy, tell them you want to return it (unless you don't want to) because it doesn't fit what you intended, and they claimed, would fit.

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I agree - you should get a full refund if you want it.

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I agree as well! If you don't wan to send it back (I don't know if there's another that would suit you better), they could at least give you some kind of "consideration." That was one of their very big marketing points, and the main reason I chose Marvel. Not the 2L bottles, per se, but the depth of that bottom drawer.

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There was a huge disconnect between advertising, specs and the actual fridge drawers of my elux bought in 2011. It was advertised as having separate 'thermometers' for each drawer but when delivered, only the top drawer had it. They gave me a hefty credit, to my satisfaction.

I kept them as there was nothing better out there and I love them so so much three years later. It is a quiet unit. It sits a couple of feet from the little kitchen table and is completely unnoticed.

I cannot tell you if Electrolux would fit a 2 liter pop/soda bottle but I know that I have Pellegrinos standing upright. I cannot go down and measure for you now. Again, it is a 3 yr. old model.

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