OT: How do you photograph xmas trees?

party_music50November 22, 2010

How the heck are you all able to take a good photo of your christmas trees? are your rooms 24 x 24 with 12 foot ceilings and perfect lighting? (probably. lol!).

I've yet to figure out how to photograph them and have the photo look good. If I get the entire tree into the picture, you can't make out any of the ornaments. Is it a lighting trick or exposure time that makes a difference? I've tried every combination of flash on/off, tree lights on/off, room lights on/off... daytime and night shots... maybe it's just my ordinary tree. LOL!

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Same question I've been asking for YEARS!! My rooms are actually quite small, but I do have high ceilings. I just got my DSLR that I have NO idea how to use. This is the camera I used today on my trees. Can you tell I don't know what I'm doing (one of my pics is quite blurry)? Thank goodness for automatic settings!! Anyway, I've always taken photos of Christmas trees and other greenery based items without the flash no matter what camera used. Also, turn on some extra lights (unless you're trying to get that "glow"). That's about it for me...sure hope some others have some good suggestions.

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When I take photos of my christmas trees I generally like to go for the glow.

For the benefit of the point and shoot (PS) camera folks: when I used PS in the beginning years ago, I put the camera on Automatic, but the key most important thing to do for the non blurry photos was to use a tripod. You can have SOME other lighting on in the room, but not too much you don't want to loose the glow effect.

I now have a DSLR, and although I could just use automatic (I prefer the Manual mode it gives me better control of how my pics come out), you can still use Automatic yourself, it would work just fine. No matter what, I still would always use a tripod for the sharp focusing that I desire.

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Judith, good to see your latest post. You've been away for far too long.

Your trees are gorgeous as are all of yout table settings.

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Judith, your photos are just beautiful. I hope I can figure my camera out well enough by next year to get some pics that capture that lovely glow. Agree manual is the way to go, but I don't know how : ( . Thankfully there is an online class I'm going to take and I'm sure that'll fix my technical difficulties (sending positive thoughts out on this). Wonder if my teeny-tiny tripod that came as a gift with my camera will actually work?? It's about the size of my little finger!! Might have to give it a go as that blur really stinks.

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bleigh...that tiny tripod will probably work for you...especially if your camera is equipped with a self-timer...use that setting & with your camera on tripod, just push the shutter release & the camera will take the pic in 8 -10 seconds or so...works great for "steadiness!" Jeanne S.

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Thanks, Jeanne!! Going to get the girls Christmas card picture taken tomorrow and I will set up the tripod and self-timer.

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Yrs back I learned the importance of a tri-pod and taking better pics from Judith(and Mary Ruth)
BTW - I found one on Ebay for around $10.00.

Also, the timer is your friend, I usually set mine for 2 seconds...less time for the cats to play w/the tri-pod. LOL

My old camera was a simple PS, but I learned that if I used "night setting" in Scenes. I could get some good results.

Also, play w/raising/lowering light settings.

I particularly like the "glow" in these pics.


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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING...chijim & judith! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Okay, I have a tripod I've never used before because I also have one of those long range zoom in lens that's about a foot long! lol.

I thought that's why you'd use a tripod, for out door scenes.

Would it be okay if I clicked the picture myself while the camera is on the tripod? Because I don't want to learn how to set the timer. I'm lazy. :)

Will get the tripod out tonight! Except the tree's not up yet. lol

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This is what happens when you use your "zoom" lens in a low-light situation from a distance without a tripod! Very blurry ...

Self-timer very easy to use....you can click the pic yourself if you want but may have camera movement...have to experiment. Jeanne S.

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Wow, there is some beautiful photos here.

Judith, I'm sure you are the one who inspired me to do a pink tree a few years ago. Love both of your trees.

Jim, love all your pictures too. You are all above me when taking perfect shots. Those lights really stand out and show off all the great displays.

I don't have a tri pod and use my little Nikon Coolpix camera. Some day I hope all of you have time to help me. Right now, I'm lucky to get any pictures taken and posted.

Enjoyed all these photos tonight and PM hope you are able to capture what you want using a tripod.


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Punk, for your Coolpix camera, you can go to Walmart, they sell a little "table top" tripod (very inexpensive. It's usually only 6-8 inches tall when the legs are not telescoped out, and maybe 20" high when the legs are fully extended (depends on the brand you get).

Anyhoo, you just place it on the table top, dining table, coffee table..whatever is there that is sturdy and attach your camera and compose your shot then depress the button or use your self timer. It is great for traveling when you want a shot of you and your partner and want to be in the pic, but don't have anyone to take your photo, just place it on the table or maybe on the ledge of a short brick wall etc, what ever will give you the height you need and then set the timer and shoot away.

I use my tripod for almost all of my tablesetting, anything indoors because of the low lighting and for the ease in setting up my shot, I just look thru the lens, and run back and forth tweeking my "look" until I like what I see. It gives me much more percentage of shots that I like. It beats handholding the camera, putting it down to tweak only to try to figure out exactly where you were standing before AND of course very importantly keeping the objects of your desire in focus.

Oaky, if you are using a telephoto/zoom, you will especially need to use a tripod in low light situations, pull that baby out and learn to love it LOL

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Clarity of photo isn't my problem (i.e., my photos are not blurry), so a tripod isn't the answer for me. It's definitely a lighting problem. I notice in all the photos posted here, there are light sources everywhere -- small lamps and lit candles that are near or around the subject. I think that's what I'm missing.

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