Old Oil Lamp Find for the Holidays!

jeannespinesNovember 11, 2011

I was so pleased to find an old oil lamp yesterday at a consignment shop sold 'as is' ...I got it for my DH's electric fireplace cabinet that he built last yr:

I worked on polishing up the oil lamp today & found it is a B&H brand & also from polishing revealed a couple parts with patented dates of 1898 & 1895 ...quite unique! It has some dings & nicks but I love it & will add some greenery to it soon for the Holidays! Here's a close-up:

And full view...the placemats are crocheted ones I got at a GS for $1 ea this summer:

I was going to save this for a Christmas gift but I couldn't! LOL! He thought it was a pretty cool lamp, too!

Here's our old mantle beside the fireplace with oil lamps...I've showed this pic earlier this yr. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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I'm in love. It puts my 1970ish red glass Walmart lamp to shame. lol. I like it though. They add that special touch to a rustic/country decor, don't they?

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Jeanne, beautiful lamp. What a deal for $1. It will look great with the rest of your collection. We have several at our cabin and I've never thought of bringing them home till now.LOL


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beautiful oil lamps - I wish I had my grandmother's but alas that is another story (involves an uncle - her son - who got rid of EVERYTHING when he put her in a nursing home without consulting family members). Enjoy your new lamp - I know it will grace your house in beauty TFS .....


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punk...the crocheted placemats were a $1.00 ...LOL!
I pd $28 for the oil lamp thinking I was going to get it for DH for Christmas... oh well. ;-)

Thanks oakley, lynne & punk! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, what a great lamp...and I think it should have some dings and nicks to proudly show its age! Its so perfect for your DH. I've commented before about how wonderful the fireplace is, love it. You are so lucky to have a handy guy! Store-bought stuff just can't beat what is built with loving hands.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, PM!
I'll pass on your sweet comment to DH!
@ lynne...sorry that those heirlooms got sold...ohhh, I hate when that happens & esp when I see very old framed pics at antique stores! Sad. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! What a great looking oil lamp! I'm sure DH did like it...you did a great job polishing it up...looks wonderful! I really love the electric fireplace surround that your DH built too and all of your other oil lamps as well.

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Jeanne...DH did such a nice job on the cabinet for
his electric fireplace...it looks beautiful. I can see all the fun you're going to have decorating it.
Great deal for a B&H oil lamp. I like how you grouped the different ones together..they look very nice.
I have several of them - some electrified and some just for oil. If you ever want to change the look to it...you can put a shade holder and tripod so you can add a Glass Shade on it.
You did a nice job on the polishing. I've used DH's buffing wheel to polish them up..but you have to go easy. They're usually Nickel over Brass or Copper. I think the dents add nice character to them. Enjoy yours...again that was a great deal!

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Thanks, PM, Marlene & Jane ...

Passed on your sweet comments to DH ...he smiled & said, 'thanks.'

Jane...I remember you had collected them ...maybe this is 'nickel' over brass or copper...I don't know...I used silver polish on it & got rid of alot of rusty spots & it brought out the silvery-shine. I think it is quite beautiful, too. Thanks for the info. I did notice that the chimney has embossed writing ...none of my other chimneys have that...a unique find! (one of the 4 prongs that hold the chimney was broken off) ...so I guess that's what the 'as is' price tag meant (& a couple dings) ;-)
Jeanne S.

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Jeanne...nickel does shine up pretty much like silver.
Just have to be careful not to polish too hard cause that finish will wear thru to the undercoat. I also have some that have a brass finish, but prefer the nickel look.
You could always replace the chimney holder if it gives you any trouble.
That 'As Is' price...it still was a good buy..especially for one with the nice scroll detailing.
I've bought some that were pretty banged up, but was able to knock out some bad dents.
As far as my collection...that pretty much saved us during our power outage...we had them burning all over the house...I felt like I was on 'Little House'...lol

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