Liebheer - not an option - now what?

Davis_HelenJune 17, 2013

Just wanted to get some thoughts of what to look at next - thought we were set on a Liebheer 36 inch fridge - but today my wife stopped by a local retailer to see them in person and just feels the unit it 'too tall' for her - she liked the look and fit/finish, but said the gallon jug shelf is at about shoulder level and the top shelf is basically inaccessible to her - the unit seems to spec out right at 80" - and at 5 feet tall I can see her point, but really was interested in the line thanks to good reviews, build quality, and hear they tend to run very quite - good combination for our new build and open floor plan.

So guess we are back to something under 72 inches - but not sure what to look at - would prefer french door/bottom freezer and wanted to go reasonably higher end for all the reasons noted above - but all that I am familiar with that fit that bill are 80"+ in height. The only one I like in terms of look that is in that 70" height range is the Viking and I just am not comfortable going there after some reading.

Any directions you would steer us to?


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one other thing - while there she looked at one in the GE Monogram line that she said was 'not too tall' - I like the look of one of their French Door models - and it is under that 72" height, but again, have not read a lot of good things about them in terms of performance and levels of quite - but would love to hear more if someone feels that is unfounded.

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I was just in your position, and looked at Viking, Kitchen Aid Pro, Jenn Air Pro, Electrolux, GE Cafe, Samsung, and Fisher Paykel for a CD 33" to 36" refrigerator.

We all have our variables and rule outs and there are many fine refrigerators in the FD style at 72". I choose the JA JFC2290VEMP for it's ball bearing slides and metal bottoms if drawers interiorly, as well as it's over all layout design, interior water dispenser on left, and finally the quality of it's stainless door (different from KA as far as I can tell). It didn't hurt that I came to like it's pro handles.

Good luck with your selection. Suggest taking your measurer with you when you look: comes in handy.

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Is Sub Zero out of the question? We didn't get the Liebherr for the exact reason that you mentioned. It is too tall for me. We got the SZ French door/bottom freezer and it is great. It is definitely not too high for me and I am pretty short.

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SZ would be a stretch - but certainly not a complete non-starter - which model did you get - when I searched on AJ Madison they too appeared to have 80"+ heights - but realize some of that is top compressor - we need to get her in front of them in person clearly

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Yes, the compressor is on top on the SZ. They only have one model that is a 36" French door so I am sure you found it. Do you need to do the French door? The regular 36" French door is even better because the door shelves hold a bit more). But if you just like the French door or, like us, needed the aisle room, it is really great.

In my view, I think the SZ is worth the stretch if you can do it. We had a SZ in the kitchen before the recent remodel. It was 13 years old and worked perfectly. I just didn't want a side by side anymore--I wanted the fruits and veggies at waist level.

The fit and finish of the SZ just can't be beat, in my estimation. And customer service is great. If you can cut back somewhere else, I would say go for it.

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