Cursor won't move

gmom74February 20, 2011

I installed Avast (antivirus) on my husband's computer but I'm not sure it completed installation. Now a small screen has appeared saying, "Windows installer" and continues to read that it is preparing to install. Now the cursor will not move. It seems to be locked. We have unplugged the computer and left it off several times (we can't use the 'start' button to turn it off). Is there a way to unfreeze the cursor and screen to get rid of that installer screen?

He has a Gateway with XP. He's about to run me out of the house. Help please!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

try starting it in safe mode that way nothing should be trying to start or run besides the very essentials.
To start the computer in safe mode

before you do that try unplugging your mouse from the pc while you have the pc off then plug it in once it is back up and running.

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Thank you, Ravencajun. The cursor will move now after I unplugged it and plugged it back in. We were able to pull up the start menu one time but there was only 'log off' and 'turn off computer' there. We can't open anything on the desktop. It's like the whole thing is locked up but that Windows Install window is still up and the message is 'preparing to install.' Is there a way to get the icons on the desktop unlocked? I hope I am being clear enough for you to see our problem.

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Start it up in safe mode... try to get rid of avast. Go to avast and find their uninstall tool.. use it !

What anti-virus did u have before... go to their website & find their uninstaller tool/program. Use it, then you can try again the Avast install, but i think i would stick in a different brand as avast already was conflicting with something... perhaps install the much loved ... but only after using the uninstall tools from the others.

If you cant get in and remove it safe mode... from that same f8 start up menu, choose Last known good configuration to go back one restore point.

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Mickie thanks. Even though the cursor will move now, everything on the desk top is locked- nothing happens when we try to click on it. Even the Start menu won't show up anymore. He was using Eset- I can't remember the rest of the name- but he let it run out and didn't get another virus protection. I was going to use Avast to scan his computer but now we can't get to anything to uninstall or install or do anything. Everything I have read about how to fix it says to go here and there- but nothing opens. I hope there is someway to unlock it all.

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Did you????? start it in safe mode????? & still things dont work ?

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Somethings you need to use while in safe mode ...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

as mikie said you MUST use the removal tool for the Eset which he had on the pc, you can not install AVAST or any other AV until you do that step, it is causing a conflict.
this is why we are telling you to use safe mode.You can get that removal tool there on that site mikie gave you and save it to a flash drive to put it on your pc if you can not get your's to go online.

In safe mode you may be able to do a system restore to the date before you began this and that may help some.
System Restore

try safe mode!!!

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Be patient please. We are not computer savvy. But we are making progress. I was able to get into safe mode and uninstalled Avast. We have to go to dinner. When we get back I will try to uninstall Eset. Many thanks I'll be back in touch later.

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A small window in the middle of the monitor now says 'please wait while Windows configures scan" and then it put another small window over THAT that says" The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the "Scan disk" and click OK." I am not sure what the scan disk is- I don't remember seeing a disk called just that. Is it part of the Windows XP install disk? I'm beginning to think it might be wise to just take the computer to a repair shop and have it done there.

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Sandisk is a manufactures name of a usb portable memory stick.

What were you doing that caused the 'scan' popup window to start ?
And what does it say at the top of those two windows ? Sometimes the program name is there in the title bar.

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Not sandisk- scan disk- two words. At the top of eash pop-up window there is only the word "SCAN" I'm assuming that the computer was trying to use that Windows Installer that had popped up (see my first post) and was asking for another disk so it could continue. Another development is that the monitor screen shows everything in a pink color and has many vertical and horizontal lines on it. My husband has decided to take the 7 year old computer and have it fixed. I will keep all the information you have given and all the links to other sites. Many, many thanks for you help.

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