Luvs and Friends

oldalgebraNovember 19, 2010

This is a table in my entryway.

Some years ago (lots of years ago) I bought

some faux oak branches from Pottery Barn.

I complained to a friend that although I

loved them, I really needed three times the

number I bought, but they were just too

expensive to buy more.

Two days later, she showed up on my doorstep

with tons of autumn leaf filler and the

result is in the arrangement you see here.

The crocheted oval doily was made by my

school secretary. It's really very lovely.

She gave me a red, green and white one for

Christmas and I raved about it so much, I

got this one the following November.

The framed leaves were a Christmas gift

from another friend. She collected them on

a trip she'd taken earlier that year.

The Ideals Book (Remember those? Are they even

in print anymore?) was from a friend of my

mother's. She gave it to me when I stopped by

to visit her when I was in town.

I think she was over 90 then.

And the little blocks - well you know where

they came from.

Luvs gave them to me earlier this fall.


I'm thankful for all the memories these gifts bring me.

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What a beautiful entryway, OA! Precious gifts, precious memories & precious friends! Gorgeous! And love that mirror & how it reflects your Autumn bouquet into the room. Table is lovely, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne used up my words, again. LOL. But seriously, everything she said is perfect.
What a stunning arrangement!! Its going into the inspiration file for sure.

The memories that go with this makes it absolutely perfect.
You are surrounded by beauty with your friends.

hugs, Karen

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It looks beautiful, OA! And yes, they still print Ideals. I just bought one in CTS! I have a stack of old ones too!

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OA, that looks so pretty! How wonderful that your friend had more leaves for you! Now your arrangement looks quite lush especially with the mirror reflection of it. Neat that another friend did the crochet piece for you, and I'm glad to be counted as one of your friends too! ;o) I see those Ideal books in the TS sometimes, they always have the prettiest pictures. I didn't know they were still published either so thanks for that info Kathleen.


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OA...I can see why you'd be so thankful for each of those gifts which make up that lovely vignette -
They compliment each other so beautifully, and with their special meaning...they're priceless .
By the way, I'm eyeing that table they're on, it's beautiful too.


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Oh my goodness, that is beautiful and a wonderful story!!! I'm with Jane....that table is gorgeous!
"Ideals" magazines are still being published. I can buy them at Tractor Supply here in town, but be warned...they are $10 EACH!!! It is worth it though because they have such lovely pictures!! I think you ought to send in your picture and maybe they would publish it!
Thanks for posting...

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