Need Advice on External Hard Drive...Please

wanda_vaFebruary 3, 2012

I need to get an external hard drive to do backups on my computer, and the more I shop, the more confused I get! I want something that will do automatic backups on a schedule, plus the flexibility to backup on demand, or transfer files to another computer. (Hope this makes sense.)

I have a Windows XP laptop, Windows XP desktop, and a Windows Vista desktop (the main computer). I will soon be getting a Windows 7 desktop, and that will become my main computer (replacing the XP desktop).

I was considering the Western Digital My Book Essential, but heard that Seagate external hard drives are better. That's when I really got confused!

I have looked at Seagate FreeAgent "GoFlex", "GoFlex Pro", "GoFlex Ultra-Portable" and "GoFlex Ultra-Portable Pro" and can't understand the difference between "Pro" and not-pro. I am concerned that there are a lot of bad reviews on Seagate products, and would appreciate hearing opinions from the experts here.

Thank you for your words of wisdom!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

For that very reason I went with seagate, plus their warranty was better. I know it did come with that type of backup on it, but I much prefer full image backups so I don't use it. Mine is a seagate free agent pro.

Now when I want an internal hard drive I go western digital black caviar.

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I'm enthralled with the ease and capabilities of Western Digital's portable "My Passport". For personal reasons, I don't leave a back-up system attached to my PC. This Passport is ideal for my purposes and it holds a full image of my Win 7 Office 2010 system. I plug it in once a week and it does its thing without incident. I highly recommend it.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Passport

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I have the 1TB Western Digital My Book Essential which has the USB3 connection (compatible with USB2). I use EaseUS Todo free backup program. First I make a complete image of my internal HDD, and then I can schedule backups on whatever schedule I wish. I love this program for its ease of use after struggling with Acronis. I am very pleased also with the WD external drive. They do stand behind their warranties and replaced an internal HDD that failed, without question.

All hard drives are subject to failure, so I think you're okay as long as you stick with a name brand.

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Thank you all for the information and advice! I ended up getting the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (1 TB). Our local Staples has a computer tech who has always been helpful in the past, and he has both the Western Digital and Seagate--and he prefers Seagate for external hard drives.

I got a great deal on it--the regular price is $159.99; it was on sale for $89.99, and I was able to use my Staples Rewards certificates, so it only cost me $63.00! It was an offer I couldn't refuse...

Thanks again!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

wow that was an offer you could not refuse!! great price. Seagate does make good drives, but as said a lemon does pop up from time to time, heard of a few that were dead on arrival.

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I agree that was a good deal. Since the flooding in Thailand, the prices of hard drives have really gone up. I got mine prior to that time, and I think I paid about the same, maybe a few dollars less.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I was at big lots today they had a 1 terabite external for $79.
And the same sylvania 7 in. Tablet I have for $29!!
Plus an eink reader for $49.
I thought all were very good prices.

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