Convection Steam Oven Only?

relayerJune 9, 2013

Does anyone use a convection steam oven (e.g., Wolf, Miele) as their ONLY oven? We are planning a complete kitchen remodel and are considering a steam oven. The problem is, we have a smallish kitchen and are not sure we want to give up space for two ovens. We currently have an old 24 inch wall oven, which has been adequate. We don't host large dinner parties. As a matter of fact, we rarely use the oven as it is, and feel we could get much more use out of a steam oven. And with the combination ones, it seems like we could cook pretty much anything as long as it wasn't huge.

So, does anyone have one as their only oven?

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I don't have it as my only oven, but I have to say I use our Wolf Convection Steam oven way more than our Wolf L-Series wall oven.

Can you live with only a steam oven? Sounds like you could to me based upon how you guys cook now.

But, keep in mind that if/when you go to sell your place it might be a detraction for potential buyers.

The Wolf steam oven is really big on the inside, they had a set of pictures or a video at one point showing how you could cook like a 12-14lb turkey in it if I recall correctly.

Hope your remodel goes well.


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I have the same thoughts as Phil - I wonder how it would impact sale of the house. Otherwise, I think you would be happy with a convection steam ( combi ) oven - though many of them do not have a broil option, and that might be something you want from time to time - depending on where you live and whether you can use an outdoor grill year round. Since I bought my combi, there is nothing that I have had to use my regular oven for, other than broiling .

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I just got my miele combi steam oven installed today.. so i can't really tell you about my experience with it yet.

But I can't imagine why you can't use one of these as the only oven. It's a steam oven, and it's a full function convection oven with broiler (unlike the wolf one). Gaggeneau also makes a combi but that one is very expensive.

If i'm a home buyer, I don't think I'm too concerned. You need to tell them it's a very good regular oven with a steam function. Some people may think 24" oven is too small but that's a different problem.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! We aren't planning to sell the house anytime soon (hopefully never). Or at least long enough that whoever bought it would want to remodel anyways. So I am trying to design the kitchen for us and what we would use it for. It seems like the steam oven may be enough. But, we've never even used one, so it does make us a little nervous. But, what better way to learn how to use it than being forced to?

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If you were happy with a 24" oven then you have only one potential issue - broiling. i have wolf combi and 36" bluestar range. Almost never use my range oven unless i have huge crowd (thanksgiving) or broiling something.

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Thanks pspand. I don't think we've ever broiled anything.

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I have the gag combi, and could easily use it exclusively 365 days a year. The only time I use my monster oven is when I am baking oodles of cookies or a big ol' fat turkey! I would not hesitate to have it as my only oven, but the hole will be small should a future buyer want a traditional oven.
if you are not selling, then don't sweat it.

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Thanks, redoinit! That is very helpful to know. I assume it wouldn't be too difficult to replace it with a larger standard over (or a larger steam oven) in the future if the need arose, as long as the cabinet is big enough. Or maybe I'm wrong?

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For those who has wolf steam oven, may I ask a question?
I just had one for 2 weeks.
I can feel the hot air/steam out of the gap of front door when it is on.
Is it normal?

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Annie, yes that is the vent, it is between the top of the door and the display panel. That is how it vents both heat and steam, so it is 100% normal.

I hope you enjoy yours as much as we have ours, I love using our steam oven, it is the best part of or remodel in terms of appliances.


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Agree with PPS. Just wanted to add that if you want broil, you can get a Breville countertop oven for A friend of mine hasn't used her Viking double-oven even once since moving in b/c they heat the house too much but got a countertop Breville and is very happy with it. Surely, beats spending $3K on a wall oven. :-)

I have decided not to get a full-size oven either. If I ever need a large batch of cookies, I'll bake several small bathes. Not worth spending $$$$ and real estate (aka cabinet space) for something I'd use once or twice a year.

I don't get installing a big oven only for that Thanksgiving turkey. I never cook a big turkey but I know somebody who does it in a NuWave infrared oven and loves it.


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I am also considering the Wolf CSO24 convection steam oven.

Does anyone think it's reasonable for this to be installed under counter? I'm thinking of installing it on my prep island, which is currently designed to be about 2' x 7', but could be altered if it makes sense to. I am also planning for it to be my only oven!

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I have installed my convection steam oven under the counter in my prep island and it works out quite well. However, it is not my only oven and may be a problem if it was as I am 5'8" and my husband is 6'2".

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Thanks MJ.

Is your 2nd oven a single wall oven? I am 5'10, wife is 5'5. Seems the CSO under counter island would be fine for her since she'll be doing most of the cooking anyway and I can adjust. You have tweaked me again to rethink a single wall oven too.

Besides ease of use what do you find you use the non-CSO for?

Current thinking is Bluestar 36" 6 burner rangetop, the CSO24, and maybe a single wall oven. For now I am passing on the BS range since I'm not crazy about things I've read about the oven and I do have the space for a separate wall oven.

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Bobelicious, how long will you be in this house? If this is your only oven it will hurt resale whenever you or someone else has to sell this house. Just keep that in mind as you will not always be the one in this house, even if that point is 20+ years down the road.

I say get the CSO and a single wall oven if you can, or do a full range, at least you won't be kicking yourself in the end.

We have the CS0, but mounted up higher. We have a Wolf L-series wall oven below the end of our island countertop.


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One other thing, there is no broiler in the CSO, not sure if that matters to you or not but thought I would point that out just in case.


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Phil, got all your points and have cycled them through, thanks.

I still may also get the single wall oven or range. I love the BS 36" 6 burner and have been put off by the BS range mostly due to oven heat commentary. For single wall oven I'm leaning towards the Electrolux 30" Electric Single Wall Oven with Wave-Touchî Controls EW30EW55GS ( ~ $2450) or Bosch series 500 (~$2000) instead of the Wolf - SO30F/S - Framed (L-Series, 30") which is ~ $4850, mainly due to cost.

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I don't think there is any reason not to look at the wall oven's you are, I have seen many people talk very highly about the Elux Wave Touches on here, and to save $2,400 is nothing to sneeze at.

Best of luck to you.


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Hi Bob,
We also have double wall ovens. I will say we have used all 3 ovens at once on multiple occasions. We like to entertain and have a lot of week end guests as these are installed in our vacation home.

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