Help- Advantium and what wall oven?

emjay74June 7, 2012

Hello- I'm a long time lurker and have really gotten a lot out of all the help you guys have given everyone,so thank you. Have a feeling this is one of many questions. I am currently putting on an addition of a kitchen/family room that I've been waiting 11 years for. And even though I've had all that time, I'm just starting to research appliances now. My basement is dug out and the concrete foundation and framing will begin soon. I've basically been procrastinating because I've been dreading it. Have made a few bad appliance decisions in the past, but it never bothered me too much. Before I was always buying something to put in my awful, small, old kitchen. But now I'm buying things to put in "the" kitchen and it's just too overwhelming!

I definitely want a speed oven. There are 6 total in our family, so a lot of quick cooking going on, and I think the speed oven combined with a wall oven will be a perfect fit for us. I've decided not to have a separate microwave.

I am leaning towards the 220 Advantium, but I see on the GE website that the current model has the weird black window that is oval-like. And I'm worried about how it would look with a non-GE wall oven with a different window on it. I can't figure out how to attach a pic or I would.

Anyone have the current Advantium 220 paired with another wall oven? I'm considering a Electrolux or a Miele. Would consider other brands, but probably not GE.

I don't really like to bake other than cookies- and even those I'm not great at- just don't have the patience for baking, although I've always said if I had the right oven, maybe I would like to bake.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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The Monogram version of the Advantium doesn't have the weird oval window. Only the normal GE version does. (Unless they've changed it very recently. I still see the non-oval one on the Monogram web site.)

I'm in the same boat. I want a speed oven -- probably the Monogram Advantium but maybe a Miele. If I get the Advantium I need a non-GE wall oven to pair it with, because most of GE's appliances are crap in my opinion. I asked the very same question as you a few days ago, and a2gemini posted some nice photos of her Advantium paired with a Wolf E-series oven. The match isn't perfect, but they look good together. Search for a recent thread I started that had "Advantium" and "Wolf" in the title.


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Was going to say the same thing. Two more conventional-looking Advantium 240 wall ovens from the GE Monogram line:

Electrolux Icon oven probably my favorite, or the (overpriced but nice) Gaggenau 30"w oven with the side-hinged door.

The Profile-series Advantium 240 wall ovens look more conventional in the black or white versions than the stainless, if you need something at a lower price point. You lose the illuminated control panel on those.

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