30' BlueStar Range from Costco

burgerkongJune 15, 2012

Just joined to post this:

Oh well, didn't read your reply until now. Delivery guy had a pallet truck, and since it'[s a new house, my driveway was just gravel with a sidewalk in the middle. Took some work, but with me pushing and the guy pulling, we made it up the driveway into the garage. I got my hired muscle ready and bribed with some beer, and we took off everything we could without using tools (all the grates, the oven racks etc) and got ready to lift it.


The range is BOLTED down to the pallet. How'd we know? We went to lift it, and swore when the pallet came up as well. Turns out it is bolted down in the front only. We took off the kickplate (open the oven door to a 45 degree angle and use a Philips driver to unscrew the 3 screws holding the cover on) and found the two bolts. I didn't have my full toolbox with me and left my sockets and ratcheting wrenches elsewhere, so we had to make do with an open ended wrench, an 11mm to be exact. Luckily, the bolts weren't that long, around and inch, and we had the range free after 10 minutes or so.


I suggest screwing the feet on first, slightly tilt the range to one side and have someone screw it on, and do the same for the opposite side, that way when you need to take a break, the stove can rest on the feet instead of its bottom. Turns out it didn't weigh THAT much and we managed to lift it up some stairs into the kitchen almost safe and sound (my friend almost slipped and the stove fell, luckily it was only around an inch or so off the ground and since I had feet on, the indentation was only a few millimeters deep, nothing some filler won't fix).

Looks great, will have an installer come and hook it up (tempted to do it myself, but didn't want to mess around with insurance and lack of warranty) sometime next week. Right now, the oven door is slightly uneven, seal is compressed maybe a 16th of an inch more than the left side, something I can probably fix by taking the oven door skin off and adjusting the hinge a bit. By far the sturdiest range I've ever owned, didn't even torque when lifted at one corner, I doubt that fall did anything to it either.

Some pictures (forgot to take pictures after we moved it, will take some more tomorrow):



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Looks fantastic, I bet you're excited!

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You bet!

Ran into a snag though, I'm a couple inches away from the manufacturer range hood clearance minimums, but at the same time I don't want to tear out my new cabinets, should I chance it, given that it is a metal hood and the burners are only 15K BTU's. I haven't found a slim one that sucks around 600CFM of air, any recommendations? I've found a 7" thick hood, not sold on the curved front though.

"The vertical clearance described in Sentence (1) for framing, finishes and cabinets located directly above the
location of the range is permitted to be reduced to 600 mm (23.625 in) above the level of the elements or burners provided
the framing, finishes and cabinets,

(a) are noncombustible, or
(b) are protected by,

(i) asbestos millboard not less than 6 mm (0.25 in) thick, covered with sheet metal not less than 0.33 mm (0.013 in) thick, or

(ii) a metal hood with a 125 mm (4.875 in) projection beyond the framing, finishes and cabinets."

Some more pics (the range JUST fits!):


Here is a link that might be useful: PS33 Range Hood

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Great pictures! I really like the cardboard hoods!

I'm in a similar situation with low cabinets and a new range. I'd also like a range hood that's slim, yet powerful to keep from altering the cabinets (if possible). I like the Zephyr Typhoon (850 cfm), but I have yet to check it out in person.

Keep us updated on your installation. It's a great read!

Here is a link that might be useful: Zephyr Website

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Too bad I've used those Asian hoods before (Pacific, Sakura) and didn't particularly cared for the styling :(. I understand why there isn't one though, because physics and fluid dynamics prevents it.

There IS a Broan hood that looks like it'd do (but it's discontinued), I have it linked.

Here is a link that might be useful: Broan E662

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Not sure if this one is on the up and up or not; not familiar with the sales company, but the Google shopper found one of the above discontinued hoods for $313. You would have to investigate to see if the deal is real, but here's the link.

Good luck!

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I didn't even realize this but the Broan's blowers are external, in other words, they have to protrude into the cabinet. might as well get a built in unit if it comes to that. After mulling it over, I think I can live with a lower hood, visibility isn't that big of a problem, as stepping back an inch solves most of the visibility issues, and because it's low, I won't hit my head, but rather, my neck, hurray!

Only drawback is that it doesn't meet code, it's under around 2 inches.


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Brendan, the duct already is in your cabinet, right? Generally, cabinets above range vents are sacrificial to some degree or another.

I would be very cautious about cutting the clearance between your vent "bottom" and your range "top" too close. As you practice with your Bluestar you will find yourself getting more salty with the pans and it is nice to have some clearance in there so you can "toss" the veggies and shrimps without having to worry about banging something. Also, I have a few brewpots for beermaking that are around 18" tall and I would not want to worry about having to lift them off the cooking surface with only a few inches clearance. Just some thoughts, YMMV. Best of luck whatever you decide.

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Yeah, that's what I am worried about. In this case, I really only have two choices: 1) Built in hood liner, and 2) Limit clearance with a typical unit. Good thing I don't really own a stockpot as I [pretty much only cook Chinese food (gotta stay true to my roots). Will ponder some more, thanks.

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Hmmmm, I'm toying around with external blowers as well, the hood goes through maybe a foot and a half of 6" ducting and a 90 degree elbow before dumping straight out the side of the house.But it still doesn't fix the visibility issue, a liner will still be in the way?

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This looks decent, CFM's aren't that high though. Reasonably priced though, the Best hood I was looking at is around $1700...

Here is a link that might be useful: Broan QP4

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Installed, finally decided on a range hood as well, we are gunning for this:

Here is a link that might be useful: PS33 Range Hood

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Looks beautiful! I am also considering this, vs a Wolf. How much space is required b/w the cabinets? Thanks!
Again, your kitchen looks wonderful!

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@burgerkong - is the rear backsplash riser included with this range?

If not, was it personal preference or required that you get it?
--noticed you had a backsplash wall already so here where I live, you don't need the riser if you have a backsplash wall.

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