Cost of reframing a window and moving some plumbing

bahaccaJuly 13, 2012

I know reframing and plumbing are often large costs in bathroom remodels. Our current bathtub is taking up a TON of space and our shower is TINY-I bum my elbows on stuff in there all the time. I'd like to move the window(so remove existing and reframe it-probably making it smaller than it is now, not larger).

If we do this, we may need to move plumbing to another wall. We have PEX pipe for our pipes.

Anyone have any clue as to what the cost of these projects would be? I'm trying to build a budget.

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Sophie Wheeler

What material is your siding and can you get more that easily matches? Which of these are load bearing walls? Exterior walls that require insulation and can't have plumbing run in them? Do you have good access from below to run the plumbing? Where are you located?

All of those things (and more) will have a bearing on the price that you will get for that portion of the project. The absolute lowest price that I think anyone would charge for something like that that would include repairing the exterior, dealing with the HVAC and electric in the walls, and all of the drywall repairs would be around 7K in a very low cost area of the country with something like inexpensive vinyl siding as the exterior component. The only way to know what it might cost you in your location would be to get multiple bids from documents you've developed outlining the scope of work and the components that you wish to use.

Tearing everything to the studs would be a given here, as there really isn't any way to do this while preserving any of the existing interior finishes. Averages for a "regular" bath redo run around 13-15K, so add that 7K to it and you're at 20K for medium grade finishes in a low cost locale. Or you could be at 50K in a high cost locale with higher than medium grade finishes.

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holly, thank you so much. I live in Orange County, CA, so on the upper end of the spectrum, but I know of SOOOO many people looking for work right now that I've been able to find people to do work for much less than they used to.
The exterior is stucco. I hadn't even though of that being effected-DUH! The wall the window is on IS exterior. I am not sure it is allowed to have plumbing on it, though I know it does downstairs-it is the same wall as our kitchen sink. We just had our house repiped and they took everything up through the downstairs ceilings.

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