Installation of phone lines in a new home why?

ShmomeyJune 27, 2012

We are debating on intalling phone lines in our house. With the technology changes we get out phone service via cable installation and use our cell phones. What is the purpose of installing phone lines today? We stopped using our current phone lines 5 years ago.

Also, did everyone add an alarm system to thier house? Is that typically free install anyway after the build?

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We had the security system wired during the build with the guy who did the tech stuff for our house (speakers, etc..) I didn't want the security company drilling holes in my house!

We have a landline (through the cable company) and I like it for the kids.

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We had telephone installed for.

1. Security System
2. DirectTV
3. Fax

We have barebones service, 20 free calls per month and no long distance for around $15.

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If it is new construction, you might as well add them even if you don't use a land line. Easier now that later.

We also have basic service, no caller-id, no call waiting, long distance is expensive, etc. Costs $9.99 and is bundled in with our cell phones.

We have young kids and I need them to be able to call 911 if necessary. The land-line will give 911 an exact address, unlike a cell phone.

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Those old land lines have a much better chance of continuing rto work in a major power disription than the cell system.

Many cell towers have a backup generator, but rarely more than about 24 hours of fuel.

After that, no cell service.

TELCO central offices can often run for days on backup power.

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Honestly, I can't comprehend any reason to NOT put in phone lines when you build. It is trivially cheap; skipping them isn't going to be the difference between making your build over-budget or not. Even if you haven't used them for five years, and can see absolutely no reason you ever would want them later, if you change your mind, you'll be sorry if you didn't run them. No one can predict the future perfectly.

Let me put it this way. Which mistake would you prefer?

1. You put in phone lines for a cost that's a drop in the bucket of your build, and you never use them (and never try to sell your house to someone who wants them or thinks it's strange you don't have them).
2. You don't put in phone lines, and three years down the road find out you need them because you need a more reliable phone connections for emergencies or something. You have to cut holes in drywall, pay for many hours of labor running wire through the walls, pay for someone to patch the drywall and match the texture and re-paint. Multiply by each location you want a phone in.

This seems like a no-brainer.

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Yep, I vote with the "yes, get the land line" crowd. In an emergency, a guest or babysitter in the home can call 911 from a land line and summon help quickly, even if they don't know the street address.

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We're getting the house wired for a landline. DH is running cat6 throughout the house, and he tells me that it will work for phone as well as other network things. We have not used a landline in forever, but if we ever need it or want to sell, it will be in our new house. It's cheap.

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If you ever have a pacemaker and want to "phone" in your results.

If you ever need a "lifeline" type of device (I've fallen, and can't get up!).

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Good advice above. But slightly off topic, make sure you have extra electrical outlets near each nightstand, so you can charge your cell phones right where they are needed in an emergency.... and for plugging in the difficult to predict but necessary medical devices of the future.

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I wired my house with cat 5 - that handles phone & networking. That was 12 years ago. Next year when we build I will wire with 6e. I like a hardware from my PC to my TV for media. I can run a 1G network in the house which is plenty of bandwidth for anything & no wireless issues.

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I think it's a waste of money. Personally, I haven't had a landline since 1998. It's dead technology and even if the installation cost is relatively low, it's still money that can be spent on something better, like a nice dinner...

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes, landline. When the power went out for a week due to storms, it was the only phone we had working for awhile...people scrambling to find charging stations for cells...

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I vote YES as well and I ran wires for landlines as well. I only did 3 in our house (kitchen, master bedroom & bonus room). We will have barebones cheap monthly svc and use it for our alarm as well. Plus when you go to sell who is to say the next buyer will not want landlines. It was cheap to add to me so it wasn't really a thought of whether to do it or not to do it for us. Just my .02 cents for what its worth! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our home sell/build blog

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"When the power went out for a week due to storms, it was the only phone we had working for awhile...people scrambling to find charging stations for cells..."

Cell towers need power also, and none can go a week on their generators without being fueled.

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I'm going to chime in about the alarm system.

It's easier to wire it in while you are building. There are window contacts that are under the drywall, and run to the hub of the system. I am not sure how a "free" installed system will look, if wires will be visiable, or if it is battery run. Door contacts also. Motion detectors get wired in. On top of it all, you need a land line for the system to work.

When we build this house 5 yrs ago, we had the system put in. On our current new build we are doing it again.

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My sister built a new house two years ago. Despite the fact that she is 3 yrs younger than me (and I'm not old) she developed 3rd degree heart block last summer and now has a pacemaker. They did not have land lines put in her house when they built.

It's a pain in the arse when it comes time to check her pacemaker, as she has to go to her MIL's.

It's beyond me why someone would not wire for a land line.

Little sisters never listen to their wiser older sibs ;-)

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We just built and put them in. Our alarm system is cellular. We use our cell phones the majority of the time too.

We did it for three reasons. 1) as people who have gone through hurricanes and major storms, cells do not work. You need a landline. People went for weeks after Katrina without cell power and had to rely on landlines. 2) 911. With two kids, I want them to know where a phone is sitting on a base at all times and not have to rifle through my purse or the house looking for a cell phone if something happens to me or their dad and they have to call 911. And I want 911 to have an instant address when they call. 3) my work fax machine that I have to use periodically throughout the month. This is the most minor reason. I could scan and fax/email if I needed to.

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Thanks, we are putting in the lines.... great feedback.

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