Baker's Rack Ready for Fall/Thanksgiving

jeannespinesNovember 7, 2010

Our cold snap turned into a beautiful day in the low 60's I decided to decorate my baker's rack on the patio for Thanksgiving/Fall.

Here's a full view...I went & cut greens from the pines on our place:

Here's the top shelf...a birdhse I moved out there from the porch... DH made it for me with a big opening to hold little burlap sacks of seed...the owl crock is an old TS find...I corked it to keep winter weather out!

The second shelf has some pinecones, a bit of Curly Willow sticks (that I gathered) in recycled wood basket gift & an old crock canning jar I bought on vacation yrs ago:

Old enamelware...this tub I had a mini garden planted last yr...this yr it gets pumpkins, pinecones & branches...the old coffeepot sits out by my garden shed:

Here's a closer view of the arrangement in the enamel pan...the little burlap sacks I sewed some time ago & filled with prairie seeds (usually on the porch) the squirrels and mice will love them outside this yr & the rusty iron is a planter plate from old farm equipment...also put one under the coffeepot:

Another full view angle from porch side:

A beautiful day to spend some time outdoors! TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

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OH WOW!!!!!!! - that is so up my alley - I love EVERY SINGLE THING about it so won't go into detail commenting on each thing - I have a screened in back porch that is just begging for something like that and I have white enamel ware that would look fantastic in that kind of vignette - TFS ......


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How Nice! Jeanne, you have such a knack for still lifes. Those pine boughs add such a softness to the metals. You are lucky to have those pines to decorate with. pat

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It is just perfect. Every detail is just right.
I love, love, love it!

I actually just put all of my outdoor "stuff" away for the season, but after seeing this, I might move my bakers rack to my front porch which faces south and is somewhat sheltered from the elements, and "flatter" some of your ideas.


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That looks lovely, all the naturals.
And your pics are fabulous!

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It sure makes me wish I had a porch to decorate! It is simply lovely. I agree with ladypat, you created a great still life. Janet

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Just beautiful!
Each display looks like a 'Magazine Shot'.
I love your combinations using the Granitware with the pumpkins and gourds and pines..
The wooden tray with the Crock and all the other
Natural Elements you used...just beautiful.
I would never have thought to use a bakers rack outside in such a way..what a wonderful idea.


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I'll second everyone. Like Jane, I love the graniteware, and I think the galvanized watering can is great. And that little shot of orange in the gourds and pumpkins is just wonderful--right up my alley. If I had enough, I'd have pine boughs and fir boughs all over everything all year. My pines are old, and have shed their lower branches up over 20 ft! Your rack here makes me want to run out and plant some young ones 'cause they look so beautiful.

- Magpie

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Everyone has said it so well...and I couldn't agree more.
I love the baker's rack, and love seeing you decorate it.
And then there's your magazine-quality photos!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for commenting...
lynnenc, ladypat, candy, kathleen, janet, jane, magpie, purplemoon...

I agree, there is such beauty in "pines" ...& it is always fun to decorate with them. Outside on this patio they stay green for a long, long time. And the "old stuff" just seems to blend in so well with the natural elements. My bakers rack has weathered well outdoors for quite a few yrs & it's kind of in a protected corner area from wind..which we get alot of here. So, go for it, if you find a baker's rack $$$ BARGAIN!

Thanks for the kind "pics" comments...I use MS Digital Image Suite & often "soften" the edges (it's kind of like "framing" the pic) so that my eyes are drawn more to what I really want to see. Thanks, holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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Perfect is the only thing I can say. I love everything on there, it belongs on the cover of "Country Living".

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Jeanne, you do such good vignettes, you have a real knack for combining things and making them look so good together. I love the old box, the enamelware, and the jugs, the watering can and old tea kettle (grew up with one like that!)and the rustic birdhouse your DH made for you. The addition of the greens and the pumkins just makes it all look "festive". I have a white bakers rack on my back patio, need to have you come decorate it for me. I stuck stuff on it when I first got it and have never even thought to change it out! Hmmm, my neighbors evergreen tree hangs over on my side of the wall--oh, oh, now look what you've got me thinking! LOL


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That is beautiful!!! I have some enamelware and a bakers rack on my back porch. Now I know what to do with it!!
Thank you so much for posting!!

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Thanks frou, luvs & jay...baker's racks are fun outside...or a I'm happy to hear it's a new idea for some...I change mine out in the summer. This rack was green when I got it...thought it was too dark so I sprayed some of that textured Rustoleum paint (ivory or cream, something like that) & it's lasted in our weather... here's a pic of more summery look from Sept 08:

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Jeanne, I thought your baker's rack looked great before but the new fall look is my favorite. What a great display. The pines and gourds add more color and makes it pop.

I had one of my old dk blue enamel roaster spring a leak yesterday and was going to throw it out but maybe I should keep it and try to display it.


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Jeanne, Your Bakers Rack looks wonderful. I love how you used the pine branches, actually I love all of it. I have a kettle similar to the one you have, It is fun to see how you used your's in your display.

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Mostly a lurker but I love it. I am half way there. I have had the same thing on my back deck for years and have always wondered how I can embellish it more and you just gave me a nice idea. Thanks for posting that and what a great job you did! Richie

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Welcome, Richie. I am glad Jeanne inspired you for your baker's rack, and also got you out of Lurkdom. I hope you can share pictures with us in the future, but if not, please jump in and post.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, that is so beautiful! I love how the greenery looks added in among your treasures.

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