Washer and Dryer and carpet

emmaJune 8, 2014

Is it safe to put an electric dryer on carpet. The last two washers I have bought danced all over the place. A salesman mention putting it on a carpet. I have very low pile in the laundry for walking and standing on and will just push it back to the wall when I get my new appliances if it's safe to do so.

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Yes, it's OK. Might be reasonable to raise the feet on them a little if possible (doesn't work so well on the washer if the rear is self-leveling) to allow air circulation beneath, although that isn't really necessary.

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Thanks dadoes. I am so tired of that washer moving around on the floor. I heard a lots of noise in the laundry room and it had moved so much it was up against the dryer and moving it too.

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Don't know what kind of machine you have but I've never known one to "dance" if it's set up properly.

However, it is quite common. Installers are notoriously careless about this. They generally level the machine and walk away....which may or may not be sufficient. I've never known an installer to check actual load-bearing whether static or in-operation. Suspect in your case something like that has happened. What kind of machine do you have?

Suggest looking at equal or nearly-equal load bearing of the feet. Suggest "dynamic" check by which I mean making final adjustments when the machine is spinning under full load. (If you don't know how to do this, come back and I'll describe. It's pretty easy. Just takes a little time waiting for spin-cycle of the machine.) If that's ok, I would look at the suspension of the machine itself. If the feet are equally or nearly-equally loaded, the machine's suspension should easily handle the rest -- unless there's something wrong inside.

Seems to me carpet solution simply avoids proper diagnosis and fix.

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The last two washers I have had did the dance. One salesman asked me what it was sitting on. I told him and he said it will always move on slick floors. I have always bought close to the top models, but this time I bought the cheapest I could find and bought the extended warranty because none last anymore. I am going to put them on a very thin rug this time with double back carpet tape and maybe a nail here and there. My new washer is NOT an HE.

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I wanted to up date you on what I decided to do.

Gwarstong, you were probably right about the installation. I bought a new set and washed a full load of 2 queen sheets and small things and it only vibrated, but did not move. Glad that's done. I could pick out a stove with no problem but washers are another matter.

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They sell thick rubber feet to sit the washer feet inside that is supposed to stop the walking?
If you bought Top Load you should have gotten a Speed Queen. They have great suspensions plus they are heavier washers than most which helps keep them in place.

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I bought a cheap set because the last appliances I bought needed service right away. I bought a GE set , washer $549, dryer $449. and the extended warranty. I am still ahead money wise and they have to service them for 5 years. They even do a yearly check up and have a 3 strikes your out. They work great, the washer if very quiet and is not an HE, the dryer is HE only because it has a sensing option if I want to use it. No more expensive ones for me. If it starts walking I will just call them or buy the rubber cups as someone mentioned. I did not do that last time because it would have cost me a service call and parts. I didn't like them anyway.

When I did a big load with the new washer it just vibrated a little bit, no moving on the floor.

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