bluestar rcs366bcn vs rcs366v1

fung_jeffJune 28, 2013


I was looking at Bluestar ranges and I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the Costco version (RCS366BCN) and the ones you see online(RCS366V1)? Does the Costco version have the infamous door/hinge problem?

Thank you so much!

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They are the same exact thing.

It used to be the Costco version had convection while the standard RCS did not but now they both do.

All the models ending in VI have the new hinges.

I think Bluestar gives the Costco version its own model number so they don't end up at retail stores where they are not supposed to and retail stores can give a price guarantee on the exact model. Costco cheaper than local independent? Not exact same model.

It seems Costco Ca sells out rather quickly whenever they get restocked with Bluestars so I doubt they have ranges from 2.5 years ago with the old hinges.

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okay, thank you very much! I'm getting the list of appliances that I want ready for my new house!

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I was looking at the spec page for the blue star 36-in range from Costco .ca
They are saying that it has sealed burners. I thought blue star ranges were open burners. I am also thinking of buying one but I will have to do a little more research.

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They are open burners for sure. I'm wondering if the 15k Btu's are strong enough to wok decently. I don't need crazy power.

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I am going to call bluestar and Costco today to find out for sure. Not that I don't doubt what you say it's a bit of a worry when it is stated on their web site. I am also thinking the same thing about the 15 K Btu. However I think that you can convert the burners to 22k Btu's with little effort or at least to 18 k Btu's

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OK I spoke with bluestar today and you are correct . they are open burners. they will address the costco misinformation.They also told me that those particular models cannot be upgraded because of the manifold, and as a consequence you can blow the regulator. They also told me that within 6-8 months they are coming out with a new range with a 25k Btu burner. I don't think I can wait that long.

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