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mike_73June 6, 2012

I am looking to get a dishwasher, 24" size in stainless steel that cleans well and isn't super noisy, nice but not looking for high end stuff like Meile or anything. hoping to find something in the $500 -600 range. what brands should I be looking at. I currently have a Kitchen Aid french door fridge, Frigidaire DGGF3042KF gas range and Maytag stainless range hood. Brand is not important Price Value and reliability are as long as it blends in well.

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Frigidaire Pro FPHD2491KF.

It is normally a good value at $699 plus tax or shipping.

Right now it is on sale. Delivered to you for $548.

This is a traditional American type dishwasher with a food disposer which makes it louder than European type dishwashers.

Bosch Ascenta DLX Series SHE3ARL5UC at $577 delivered is a good value in a European type dishwasher. It is quiter since there is no food disposer but the filter needs to be cleaned from time to time. How often depends on how much food is on the plates placed in the dishwasher

Bosch has an eco-sense and half-load option that needs to be used according to directions.If not your dishes may not clean and your dishwasher may smell. Used correctly saves you electricty,water,and $$$.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Link

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We have the KitchenAid KUDC10FX and love it. Cleans well, quiet, hard food disposer, can fit lots of dishes, & easy stacking. I usually use the 1 hour wash cycle and even the lasagna pan with baked on cheese and sauce comes out sparkling. We got it on sale at Lowe's for $575.

We also looked at the Samsung 600 & 800 series dishwashers. They were very similar to the KA as far as features (the 800 was even quieter than the KA). The 600 series was less expensive than both the 800 series and the KA. We likely would have gone with the 600, but we were on a tight timeline & our store was out of stock and would have had to order it.

Hope this helps!

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So far those are all good suggestions. I like bosch and Kitchen Aid a lot. I have looked at that KA model and it would match the fridge perfectly. I am also curious about the one Frigidaire Gallery model with that new orbit clean lower wash arm. has anyone tried that out?

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Take some of your dishes to the store and check that they will fit on the tyne configurations of the units you are looking at. Usually bowls are the biggest problem, at least for me.

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that is good advice...... my last place had a dishwasher that never fit the bowls I have from Ikea very well.

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Mike 73--If you are interested in more info on the "orbit clean wash system" Frigidaire has now you can call or e-mail:
Customer Service- 1-877-435-3287 or E-Mail:
Chris Polk
Online Outreach Rep.
Electrolux Major Appliances NA

You might also want to look into the new Whirlpool line also since you like the KA. Usually more features for the money with WP vs KA and their internal parts are all identical.

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Ikea's models are Whirlpool and include a 5 year warranty.

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