Stuffed Snowman Pattern Needed

ringaroundtherosieNovember 9, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a stuffed snowman. Every year at our junior college, there is a craft fair with over 100 exhibitors, and there is one booth that has reasonably priced stuffed snowmen made out of felt (I think). Last year, I bought one about 3 feet tall with a stocking hat, dark button eyes, and a clay nose. He was holding a lighted tree in one arm. The base is flat on the bottom, and was completely stuffed. Every year, they create a new item, and people just mob them trying to find out what's new at their booth. I took the one I bought from them to our church's craft fair to sit on the table for display, and I could have sold it ten times. I'm not too good with sewing, but several people have told me if I can get a pattern, they will sew them. I've searned the internet, but no luck with what I'm looking for. If anyone knows of a site that has patterns for these type snowmen, please let me know. Thanks so much.


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Hi Rosie, I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. I haven't looked at any of the pattern books for Simplicity, Vogue or McCalls at the fabric shops in a long time, but they usually have a craft section--might be a place to start. Maybe talk to some of the ladies there, they might know of a pattern.

It might be that the Vendors are just creating their own patterns. I find that it is always the little touches like the hats or that lighted tree that really make them special. Good luck with your search, and come back and post a picture if you get one made, okay? Luvs

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Hi Luvstocraft,

I just got home from the Craft Fair at the Junior College. It was wonderful. Lots of jewelry, gourds, candles, soaps, florals and my all time favorite snowman/santa booth. As my daughter and I started in, we could see the line by this ladies' booth. They had tons of snowmen and santas, and after looking and hanging on to one item, I realized that all the others I wanted were gone. Then she told me her husband was bringing more items in, so I stood by, and people were trying to get in front of me. You cannot believe how chaotic this was. I was standing right there and almost didn't get a wagon I wanted, buy my daughter grabbed it and held it in her arms. I bought three items from her, and if I knew how.....I'd post them for you to view. I found out this morning that they don't hand sew all of the items they use, so that was a little disappointing, but maybe not all bad since I can't sew that well. I can decorate and embellish so maybe I can do this after all. A lady at our church said she thought she could measure and make a pattern of the tall snowman I spoke about in an earlier post. Thanks for responding.


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