Different Blustar 30' RCS models?

Russell411June 8, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I've been watching the forums here for a long time - finally joined since I have a question.

I'm thinking of buying the Bluestar RCS for my wifey... but there's like three of them that seem to be current:


Anyone know the differences? I can't figure it out/find the info.



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RCS30IRV1- Current version with convection oven.

RCS304BCL- Special model only available to Canadians via Costco Canada.

RCS304BV1-Discontinued American version without convection oven.

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Awesome... thanks deeageaux. :-)

That helps a lot!

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Just to clarify the RCS304BCL. Yes, this is a Costco Canada only model. The L is for liquid propane. The N is for natural gas. I ordered the RCS304BCN from Costco Canada and received the RCS304IRV1.

I guess they are the exact same now.

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