Has anyone ever purchased a dryer on Craigslist?

jerseygirl135June 3, 2014

Hi everyone,
2 years ago, I bought a washer that has since been discontinued. I never bought the matching gas dryer because the current one is still going strong. I am not the original purchaser of the dryer and so I don't know how old the current one is. Anyway, the matching dryer has also been discontinued and I recently found it on craigslist. The seller says that it is brand new in box and never used (was a gift).

What's the best way to see if the dryer is in fact brand new and not refurbished? Should I look for anything else when inspecting the dryer?


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If it still has the energy guide rating and all the other random paperwork and cards that come with a dryer included you're pretty guaranteed that it's new in box. It should also be very clean, but that would be obvious.

I've bought and sold appliances on Craigslist before without any problems FWIW, and friends who do the same haven't had issues either.

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Thanks schicksal!

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Appliance *serial numbers* are typically coded for the manufacture date (year and month or week). Model numbers are coded for year of release to the sale market, which doesn't necessarily reflect the manufacturing date.

Several online sites outline the coding syntax for various manufacturers. The serial coding pattern usually repeats on a rolling cycle ... every 12 years or 20 years, etc. ... so some other info such as the accompanying model number and/or a visual of the machine may be needed for accuracy.

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It should be in the original factory peel-off wrapping.

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