Threat Alert?

candlerFebruary 23, 2012

XP;ie7;cable;AVG. Today is Thursday. AVG has put the large, red, half-screen THREAT ALERT on the access screen for the GardenWeb/THS web site. They did come from AVG.

I've Googled for AVG/Gardenweb threat information. Seems there's been false ALERTS in the past but nothing recently. I contacted AVG HELP and, as usual, came away with little useful information

So, a few minutes ago I deleted the ALERT screens and came on to this site. I'm still uneasy that maybe my system is being infiltrated with a virus and who knows what else.

Has anyone encountered this problem? What did you do? The threat reads:

Did I do the right thing? Is there something additionally I should do? I think I could add this to a list of acceptable exceptions and do away with the red alerts, but should I? How would I know how serious this threat might be? Thanks, Gene

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Hi candler,

There's a topic about your concerns. Please have a look in the link provided.

Joe :)

Here is a link that might be useful: AVG Issues

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Thanks for offering to help, zep516. Maybe I'm an alarmist. This alert is only one of maybe a half dozen over ten years or so and I guess I've been spoiled.

I did get in touch with AVG. The alert went after a few days. It could have ended from my call to AVG; something within the massive Internet system that just ran its course, or something within Gardenweb. I'm just glad its no longer there.

Many thanks to you and the others who offer help. Regards, Gene

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