email goes to address i dont have

clairdo2February 21, 2011

When i send emails to my niece at her home address she gets them at work. I can't figure this out because i don't even have her work address. Could it be a virus?

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Maybe she has them forwarded from her home address to her work address. I have several email accounts that I forward to one email address. Just a thought.


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she says not...

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Delete all of her entried from your windows address book and re-enter the data with her home address.

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Viruses are evil, but generally not going to do something like this....

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the only way that can happen is if she has them forwarded to that account. If you do not even have her work email then it is not on your end. She may have her one account set up to fetch her email from other accounts which would also send it to that account.

she needs to check the actual header info on the email itself and it will show for sure to which address you sent the email and will give the routing info too. Each email client has a different method for seeing full header info.
She needs to find out for her particular one.
For example I use hotmail so I would right click on the actual title of the email in my inbox and select view source to see the full header info.

to find out how to locate headers in your email client simply do a google search with your email client name and find full headers for example find full headers outlook express.

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Which of her emails does she have listed for the "reply to" field?

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