Thickness of shower door glass

snarkyinlaJuly 20, 2012

Hi all, renovations are toodling along but could use some advice on shower doors. For my master shower I am NOT getting frameless, but rather double sliding doors in a frame, for various reasons. A custom shop is not much more expensive than a home depot and has nicer frames, so I've decided to go with that. I've gotten three quotes from two different contractors, based on glass thickness:

3/16" $525

1/4" $650*

3/8" 850

The middle quote is from a larger company, the first and third are from a glass contractor (recommended by my tile contractor).

I can see from research that 3/8" seems to be standard, and the guy who quoted the 3/16" said it was not what he recommended but wanted to give me that option. but I can't find much opinion on 1/4" glass. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on this they can share on any of these dimensions?

*Comes with 5yr. warranty and "Free Diamond Fusion Glass Treatment" whatever that is...

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I certainly agree that going with a glass shop will provide you with better quality materials than from a box store. That said, any thickness of glass will keep the water contained. 3/8" is the "standard offering" from all shops we priced. The thicker glass will have more weight to slide (roll) nicer. And if you plan to install towel bars the glass will be more substantial.

We recently replaced our shower enclosure. We went with 1/2" on recommendation of the glass shop because ours is semi-frameless (track against one wall and bottom on a "pony wall" because they weren't perfectly plumb/square), has a robe hook drilled through and a 30" door and he felt the less flex from heavier glass would be better. It is substantial and looks so too, we're pleased and it was a $200 upcharge over 3/8".

I suspect the "Free Diamond Fusion Glass Treatment" is to minimize water spotting but you'll still need to squeege following use. We opted not to have ours treated as we are accustomed to drying the glass and understand the treatment wears away with use.

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I have bypass sliding doors on a shower and I went with the 3/8" glass. I'm happy I did. The door is very solid and does not rattle at all.

My contractor told me that 1/4" would work fine (my shower is only 48" wide), but the heavier glass would feel more substantial. I decided since I was already spending a boatload for the bathroom to spend the extra $200 and get the heavier glass. My door was a little over $800, so your price quote seems comparable.

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3/8" I have both 3/8" and 1/4"and the thicker glass is much better, slides easier, no rattles.

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3/8" or better yet, 1/2".

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Slider 3/8" is more than sufficient, 1/2" is unnecessary.

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A framed 3/8" thick door is unusual - usually you do not need it to be this thick because the frame provides additional structure/stability. 1/4" should be sufficient with a frame around it.

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