Stovetop popcorn maker for induction cooktop

strayerdarbJune 3, 2013

Hi, we make popcorn on the stove using an aluminum popcorn pot with a turn-stile thingy on top, given to us as a wedding gift 20 yrs ago. It is not magnetic. I have made the switch to induction. We use this pot almost everyday, so need to replace it. Is there a brand that makes one that is magnetic?

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Ours is stainless, the 'back-to-basics' one. Just got it at a yard sale recently. Makes the best popcorn! It seems they may be out of business but not sure. Others are available in stainless.
Here is one...
(might call first to see if they pass the magnet test before ordering)

Here is a link that might be useful: stainless popcorn kettle

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If you order the Lindy's, please report on how you like it. It seems like the only option.

I currently use a Farberware pot on my induction stove for popcorn but it is kind of making the pot turn nasty looking.

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Debbi Branka

Stir Fry - I thought induction did not discolor the outsides of your pans? I'm seriously considering induction right now and I have beautiful shiny stainless pans and liked the aspect that they would stay beautiful. I am wrong about this?

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I've had an Emerilware pot/pan set that I use on my induction.
It is cladded panware, and after 4 years, the stainless on it still looks as new.

As far as popcorn goes, strayer, You can buy a stainless steel adapter plate, that sits atop the hob, and that way you can use your old pop corn maker, or for that matter any pot/pan, aluminum, glass, copper ---or whatever.

It won't be as efficient as using a regular ss pot/pan but it should do fine for the popcorn.


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deb -- I am talking about the inside of the pans. I have to use an SOS pan to get them clean from the hot oil.

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@stir-fryi --- be careful with the SOS pad. OVer time it can remove the s/s finish and get down to the aluminum core. Not a problem if you don't mind your food touching it. BKF works better and is gentler; not as abrasive.

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I bought the cook N home 6.5qt ss popcorn popper from amazon. I had the aluminum one as well and loved it. This one is a little larger than my old one and is heavier. There are reviews on amazon that say they have had trouble with the gears, but I never have. For $30 it works just fine on my induction range.

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So we could keep using our aluminum Whirlypop, I bought a cast-iron comal made by Lodge to use as the "adaptor plate" on my induction range. While it did work, I've only done it a few times as the experience was less than satisfactory. The popcorn took much longer to pop, and the paper towel I put under the comal (which I do all the time under cast iron) scorched so badly that it stuck to the cooktop and it took repeated applications of elbow grease to remove the scorched gunk. Maybe the stainless steel plate would be more effective?

I miss my Whirlypop! Berner43, thanks for the heads-up on the brand you use.

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I just bought the cook n home from Amazon to be delivered next week. It was about $14 cheaper than the Lindys and I couldn't seem to figure out what the difference between the two is.

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Tried the cook n home popper tonight -- it made great popcorn -- 2 T oil and 1/2 C kernels. That is less oil than I use when I make it in a pot.

The biggest challenge was keeping the thing on the burner while turning the handle -- it was sliding all over.

Now, I just need to figure out how to get the lid off for cleaning (very poor instructions).

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