Flush wood doors???

mjtx2June 23, 2012

Has anyone used flush wood doors? My door budget is giving me fits. I don't have a raised panel door style anywhere in my cabinetry in the entire house, nor does the style of this house lend itself in any way to raised panel doors, but my door budget seems to only allow for those Masonite molded raised panel doors. To me that just won't look right, so I'm examining other options, including just getting flush doors.

They would be solid core and would feel heavy. I could paint them off-setting colors, or even field-apply trim, or I'm open to other creative ideas. I just really need idea help, and quickly (!) as I have to finalize the doors on Monday morning.

Anyone use flush doors? Or have ideas for me? And thank you in advance - I love all your opinions!

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I used flush doors on a project that was fairly contemporary, and the solid ones feel great (there is a mix). I would go with solid flush doors rather than molded hollow masonite.
I am planning on doing this in my own next house, which is modernist.

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This may be a silly question, but what do you mean by flush doors extactly?

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Flat like a slab, no detail on the surface at all.

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A flush solid core door with a birch veneer can look good with a clear finish and a painted frame.

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Thank-you for the clarification! :)

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