48" NXR gas range - any installed out there?

wilson853June 11, 2013

After much delay, we are now moving forward with a remodel.
I have read every post on the NXR and just realized yesterday that the 48" is now available on Costco's website. I was wondering if anyone has purchased and installed a 48" unit yet?

If you have any photos to share, or comments (good or bad), that haven't already been hashed out on the other threads, I would appreciate it.

The only discernible difference, from what I can tell, is that the 48" is using a squarer looking grate, but there are no decent pictures of the stove top either on Costco or on the Hyxion websites. The specs indicate its a square grate. I was also wondering if the oven racks are on rollers, and if not, has anyone had success in retrofitting their oven with rolling racks?

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The Cotsco listing is really new, like within the last week. Curiously, Hyxion's web site says the stove is now shipping and I've never known Costco to list anything what was not actually available. However, I don\'t see Austek, Dvorson's or AJ Madison offering it yet, though. Maybe Costco got first dibs?

For me, with an old house and a tiny kitchen, 48" stoves are an idle curiousity, but I'm still curious.

I see from the specs listed on the Costco website that the main oven is described as having 4.2 cu. ft., of capacity. This is the same capacity oven that is in the 30" wide NXR (which means it is probably 24" wide x 15.5" high x 17.5" deep) plus an auxiliary oven. The left hand side of the stove-top looks like it uses two of the "square" grates used on the 36" stove, then there is a 12" wide griddle, and then what looks like a standard single grate from a 30" stove.

FWIW, I've never yet seen any mention of any additional oven racks for the NXR stove, let alone any roller racks. I do enough baking and roasting that I've occaisionally scanned for additional racks periodically and could be interested in a roller rack if one were available. But, I have to say that don't know how a roller rack could be combined with the existing 5-rack support system in the main NXR oven. The 30" NXR ovens' rack-supports hang from four very specifically placed holes in sides of the oven wall. Seems to me that roller racks would either require drilling additional holes or else be limited to two racks. (Having more than two, as opposed to three or four racks hung in the existing holes. Seems to me, additional racks matter only if you mass produce cookies or oven-roasted "french fries" or do a lot of dehydrating, or need to make a ton of oven roasted bacon strips.

I also find the Costco write-up ... well, curious. Not a mention of China of, let alone Hyxion. (Has deeageaux frightened them with the imprecation of "Chinese made crap"?) The words "German made sealed dual burners" are featured prominently.
Which moves me to say that this thing strongly reminds me of the Wolf residential ranges of two decedes ago when Jeff Smith (aka "Frugal Gourmet") was advising people to buy Wolf ranges. Gotta wonder if Chinese systems espionage has hacked into the old Wolf design archives?. :>)

Keep us posted if you find out anything more.

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JWVideo - my understanding from what I've read of the NXR is that many/most of the parts are made in various countries around the world and then the range is assembled in China - so advertizing German made burners is a good thing.

I've also read that goods made directly by Chinese companies are often made to very high standards - it's when they manufacture goods for American companies that the standards are lowered because the American companies are setting the standards and they want rock-bottom prices.

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Thank you both for your comments. I wasn't sure how long ago the Costco site put the 48" on there.

I also checked the other sites, and I concur that Costco probably got first dibs. I plan to call Duro to see if they have any better photos to send me.

The rolling racks aren't a deal breaker, especially in light of the fact that this range will save me thousands. I have also looked at the high end brands and its hard to justify the additional cost. After 20 years, my original stainless Thermador gas cooktop with griddle is kaput. I used that griddle a ton when my kids were little. The left side needs to be manually lit now, and the service company tells me that it is no longer fixable. I have Miele double ovens, (3 years old) that I think I will keep, as the cost of this entire range is just about the same price as a 48" rangetop with griddle. Other than losing the storage under a rangetop, this is looking like a no-brainer to me.

If I get any further info, I will pass it along.

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I wasn't knocking the NXR for being assembled in China. I've been pleased with the build quality and durablity of my NXR which does remind me of some of the old Wolf residential ranges from a couple of decades ago. I was just noting that Costco has now started to emphasize the "German made" burners with the new 48" model when it has not done that with longer established offerings of the 30" and 36" models. The burners are just one the components that include Australian re-ignitor electronics and US made oven and stovetop components.

I agree that we do get some junk ordered from China by US-based companies, but the Chinese do make a lot of junk on their own. There's an interesting thing over there that is called the "Wal-Mart effect." Here, Walmart has been seen as degrading quality but in China, it is seen as raising standards. A couple of months ago, the Atlantic magazine has an interesting article on this paradox.

Also, FWIW, Isphording seems to have plants in Mexico and Korea as well as Germany. So we've got German engineering and design but maybe somebody else is actually making the parts. A product of the global economy, for sure.

You've articulated the essential attraction of the NXR brand. But, I don't know that I could manage having four ovens in my kitchen while also giving up 48" of storage cabinets. I suppose you could put in the NXR and convert your wall -oven area to storage. But if you are planning to keep the ovens, as you say, it seems like it would be far less expensive to just put in a new rangetop.

I mean, I get the point that spending $5k for a 48" NXR may seem like a better deal than spending $5k the most expensive Capital Culinarian 48" range tops. But, AFAIK, serviceable 48" rangetops with grills can be had for a lot less. IIRC, Blue Star and some other brands have 48" rangetops that run around $4k. I've seen that DCS/F&P has 48" rangetops with griddles for under $3500. Five Star may even have one for less than $3k. You might search on 48" rangetops at AJMadison.com, if you haven't already done so.

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Oh wow than you both so much for responding. I was just searching amazon and I found the kucht range... We are remodeling are kitchen and want to get a new gas range. I love the look of the professional ranges but they are not in our budget so I was excited when I saw that one on amazon! Guess we won't be getting that one.... Any thought if you would go ge or fridigaire?

Glad I joined this site!

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