precast wall finishing

guitarman502June 30, 2014

Ok, so we did a precast wall basement and the original plan was to stack stone the walls but budget dictated that it be done at a later date.

Has anyone "finished" their precast walls other than stone cover-up? I've considered acid staining the concrete but that does not cover the silicon seems.

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Annie Deighnaugh

furring strips and sheet rock?

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I mean on the outside sorry. I'm going to sheet rock the inside.

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I finished a bunch of concrete retaining walls with Master Wall Finish Coat texture. You may need to go over the silicone seams with some Master Wall Base Coat and a 4" strip of fiberglass mesh imbedded in the base coat but if your precast walls are clean and fairly smooth the "Coarse" texture should cover the wall nicely.
The finish is really very easy to do yourself and there are a bunch of videos on youtube showing how to apply.
If you were applying this to the exterior of a home then I wouldn't recommend a DIY job but applying to concrete is a piece of cake and the learning curve is very short and DIY application saves a bunch of money.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Wall

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Our whole house is precast concrete. We just had it painted with elastomeric paint. The first coat had some texture to it, the second did not.

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I'll look into both of those. The texture is course and doesn't look "terrible" leaving it the standard grey, but the seams are a beige color and would like it all one color and something different to give it a more finished look. Do you all have pictures by chance?

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Annie Deighnaugh


Not precast but our foundation wall in the back wasn't attractive, so I had a mason come who knocked all the nubs off and then parged the wall with dyed concrete for an interesting effect.

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That looks really good. I thought about using an acid stain on the concrete but the problem with that is the silicone seams.

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