island trim or 5' trim?

sue2012June 12, 2012

I purchased a Wolf 36" all gas range.

What is your suggestion when it comes to the trim? island trim or 5" trim.

The 5" seams to vent out more toward the burners and the hood.

Also, do you like the look of the 5" trim?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have a lacanche and it came with the 5" trim. I am ordering the island trim because I don't want the interruption in my backsplash. However, I think the 5" trim looks great with a professional looking kitchen.
My friend has the island trim and wishes she didn't because the steam/heat kind of messes up her tile on the backsplash and she felt that the heat blowing out toward the burners wouldn't allow this to happen.

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One consideration is whether the island trim would allow larger skillets to center properly on the back burners. If Wolf's island trim is still a couple inches higher than the grate height then it won't make any difference. (From this perspective.) But if it's lower, it might. Can you test this out in person? Personally I like the look of island trim much better, but I can't speak to how significant a difference the venting orientation makes.

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I have a wolf 30" all gas with the island trim because I too didn't want it to interrupt my backsplash (glass mosaic tiles). The tiles do sometimes get wet when the oven is on. This probably wouldn't happen with the 5" high trim as the vents face forward rather than being angled up on the island trim. I remember reading on a thread here on GW a few years ago that there was concern about the backsplash/grout getting discolored. I haven't noticed that in the four years since I finished my kitchen. Just thought I would mention this. I think either looks nice. The island trim is just a little taller than the burner grate. Hope this helps.

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