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boothbayFebruary 4, 2014

I have to buy a MOBO for my case desktop. My 9 year old finally went south. I want to keep my case. I measured my old MOBO..its 8" x 11 1/2". Do i need to look for the same measurements in a new MOBO in order to fit in this case like the old one? Also, does a cpu come with a MOBO or does that have to be separate? If so, what do I need to look for? Just for the record I am Not interested in games, nor video...maybe that is why my pc lasted 9 years. LOL

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Is this 9 year old machine a self build or factory?
What is the attraction with the case, after all it is only a receptacle to hold the bits together.

With a 9 year old computer there will be nothing there other than the case to use on a new computer. The motherboard, power supply, memory (RAM), processor (CPU), operating system will all be useless because they are outdated.

You might consider Googling How to build a computer then look through finding 2 or 3 written in a style you are comfortable with. Even Youtube will have some great videos. The issue is deciding which components you want and whether they are all compatible.

Your current motherboard is a full sized ATX board 9 x 12, there are lots of Micro ATX boards out there too.

As you do not appear to need any high end performance you would likely be better off visiting a store and buying one ready to roll. Unless you want the satisfaction of building your own computer.

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