Problem with a stuck metal bathtub plug?

aadambasJuly 16, 2013

The bathtub at my mother's house is stuck down.

Unfortunately it's not a standard rubber plug but one of those very nice looking but overly complicated metal plugs that you screw into the drain and then push down on it to seal/unseal it.

The reason i think it is stuck down is that the rubber seal for the plug that fits around the screw down part needed replacing and I don't think my mother replaced it with the right type of rubber o ring seal.

So it's stuck down and despite pushing it down it won't release and drain the water away. It's chrome plated so I know if I try to unscrew using some grips it will scratch and ruin the finish (and I've already tried to unscrew it by hand but I just can't get enough of a grip).

Any help would be appreciated!
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Babka NorCal 9b

That happened to us with a new Click Clack drain in a new sink. It would click to close, but not clack to open, and it was almost impossible to unscrew it. Bail out the tub get the drain top dry. See if one of those rubber grip thingies that opens stuck jar lids (that look like a mouse pad) can help to give you a surer grip to unscrew it, w/o scratching.

You might try the same question at a forum that specializes in plumbing. Those plumbers may have some secrets to share, because you are no doubt NOT the first person to have this happen.

Good luck!


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