cracked bottom on vanity, ok to install?

ikea_gwJuly 31, 2013

After waiting a month and half for the vanity to be delivered, we finally received it last week. When my contractor came to install it though he found a crack on the bottom of the integrated porcelain top/sink. The crack is where the sink turns into the top, 1/4 inch deep, 2.5 inches long. The top's thickness is 3/4 inch and size is 40x19 inches.

Our contractor thinks it is ok structural wise as the rest of the top is perfect. I am currently caught between the online retailer and the manufacturer taking their time to let me know what will happen. Will it be a bad idea to put the vanity top in? Thanks.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Don't install it. Cracks never get better over time. We are currently going thru a 4 month delay for light fixtures, only to have them deliver the wrong ones then a defective one. We're about ready to hang flashlights from the ceiling! Frustration, yes, but YOU are the one who will have to deal with the crack down the road IF and when there is a problem. Removing it then will be a bigger problem than waiting for a new one now. The Mfgr/supplier should ship you a non-defective vanity top quickly at their expense.


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You don't know how or why it cracked. If it it a stress-related crack from the manufacturing process, the crack could propagate over time.

I'd send it back.

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The manufacture insists the crack is cosmetic but won't warrant the top for more than 3 years which is their standard warranty. Waiting to see if the retailer will be able to send us a new top. At this point, I am terribly stressed out and annoyed with the vanity company.

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Manufacture (Fresca) insisted the crack is cosmetic but our retailer was nice enough to send us a new top at their expense. Unfortunately the new top arrived in 3 pieces via UPS. At this point, we are 36 weeks pregnant and really just need to have it done. We are just having the cracked bottom vanity top put in and will hope for the best. If the top falls apart, we will likely replace it with a custom manmade stone top like Corian. This has been such a frustrating experience.

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I'm in the exact same situation - Fresca counter top, pregnant wife (39 weeks!)

How did you install go and is the counter-top still ok?

I'm considering installing it tonight because the baby is due any day now.

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