You ladies should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Marlene KindredNovember 29, 2011

It is only because of the "Enablers-R-Us" that I have been drawn into buying these dishes....I used to just look and drool, but you guys have made it virtually impossible for me to resist. are three sets of dishes that I've purchased in the past few months...two of them in November!

The first ones are from Pier One and they are called "Athena". Bought them on clearance and plan to use them as a color guide for my kitchen reno that hopefully will take place in 2012. DH and I are going to attempt to paint our existing cabinets and go from there because we can't afford new ones and ours are solid oak.

The next set is Myott Staffordshire England Sevres and I bought 12 dinner plates at an antique shop back in the summer. I just fell in love with them and it was one of those "I have to have them" moments.

And lastly, here are my new Thanksgiving dishes that I won on Ebay. Unfortunately, they arrived the day AFTER Thanksgiving, but DD was happy to use her dishes again this year. They are American Atelier Pumpkin Harvest. Got a service for 8 in these.

Now the problem is where to put them all since I already have about six sets.....

Really, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves....I am TOTALLY hooked!

And, I hope you know I'm just kidding here....I LOVE tableware and this forum has just given me the extra push to indulge yet another collection!

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Oh Marlene, you poor thing. Rest assured we are all just hanging our heads in shame...

Those Thanksgiving dishes, and the place mats are fantastic!! LOVE those! The Myott Staffordshire is very pretty, I see those on eBay at times and always liked them.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your kitchen in the color palette of those first plates, should look really neat!

As for storage...I just saw this bedframe on Pinterest and its something we all need to get I think. I sure would love to have it! NEED it, as I'm unpacking my Xmas and going NUTS here with it all such a mess.

hugs, Karen

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LOL Isn't dish collecting fun! You found some beautiful sets. Enjoy using them. Of the 3 my fav is your blue ones for your kitchen remodel color scheme. Just about my colors too.

Purplemoon, LOL oh, I could use the storage bed!!

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First of all, I'm just going to say it, Marlene...Not Guilty! LOL! sure hit the jackpot on adding to your 'collections!' The Athena for your kitchen decor are so lovely...beautiful colors...that will be a wonderful re-do!

The AA Pumpkin Harvest are definitely keepers for Fall! Those are lovely, too! Love the round placemats, too...but I don't know if that is dark brown trim or black on the AA plates...but either of those colors would work for a placemat & glassware, accessories, etc.

And the Myott! those are quite 'rich' looking...I am sure they are downright beautiful in your home! Will look forward to a t'scape w/those!

You've done good, girl!!! Keep up the good work ...& don't think you're not an active member of 'Enabler's R Us!' ;-) Jeanne S.

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Marlene, WooHoo!!! I'm so stinkin' Happy for All of us!!! I can hardly wait to see all those beautiful dishes set on tables. I love each and every set you bought.

When I first started I only had a few but now I have close to 30, well maybe 40.LOL So watch out! They sneak up on you fast and before you know it every space in your home will be filled with fun things to beautify your home.

I'm thrilled that you will be joining in (not just an enabler with all the sweet comments) on all the fun here. Sounds like you have a big job ahead with your cabinets. Hope you share pictures during the process.


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Oooooh - I've got dish-envy, Marlene! Beautiful! Especially love the fall set with those placemats - perfect! Love, love the Athena's too - I think those'll be a perfect palette base for a kitchen remod - looking forward to seeing it!

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I'd be ashamed but I fell for the same trap... LOL
I had the everyday dishes and one set of china that was a wedding gift from my beloved aunt the first time around (i kept it, he got everything else, lol). Now, welllll I have probably 15-20 sets plus the partial sets I mix n match with.
It creeps up on you. Enjoy!! and I LOOOVE your thanksgiving dishes especially.

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Hi you know if you go and tell us you need storage space, then we need to see and hear about your 'goodies' that would go in it. LOL

Sounds as if you're a Dish Nut too. The Enablers here are great at dish shopping, and spending other's money by making them go as well! Just listen to what happened to Milosmom and Punk! Thee Enablers got them good! ;o)

I'm still drooling over that bedframe and how I could fill it with holiday stuff. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, forgot to mention the BED. I have one of those in my toy hauler that lifts up and we don't use! No, I will not store my dishes out there but I think you need one of those beds.LOL Sure would store alot.haha


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Marlene, I don't feel one bit ashamed!! lol
I love your dishes.

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Marlene Kindred

You all are just too funny! Nice to be amongst friends here...I'm hoping with the kitchen reno, I'll gain some extra space since we are going to add a few more cabinets to the existing ones.

I LOVE that bed with the storage under it. My MIL had one in her camper and she kept a ton of stuff under there. Great idea.

Thanks for all of the encouragement on my new addiction....I'm not so sure that DH is going to appreciate it though!

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My computer is misbehaving so the long resposnse I just wrote disappeared, not to be resurrected, : (

I know exactly what you mean!! I used to have a set of everyday dishes and my good china, but that was BEFORE!!LOL

I love all the sets, but those fall ones are really calling to me!

I already hide stuff under the bed, but that would sure make it easier to get to everything!

For sure, there is a reason the members here call ourselves "Enablers Are Us!!" : )

You sure found some lovelies.


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