how do you use your fridge drawers?

deniselieJune 22, 2012

I think I'm going to end up with the 4 door KitchenAid Fridge...I'm wondering if the deli drawer (above the freezer drawer) is being used for lettuces, broccoli, cauliflowers etc., or how have YOU organized your fridges? Is that drawer even deep enough to hold a head of lettuce before cutting it up? Do you use it for eggs, deli,fruits, leftovers only? Waste of space? Would inside drawers have been better use of space? Can you help me decide for sure if this is 'the one' I should buy ?

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here is a pic of my Samsung french door fridge

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full shot

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If you click on the link below - and click on the drawer - there's a video showing how the drawer can be used. Doesn't look like it's big enough to hold a head of lettuce. But the proof is in the pudding. Take a head of lettuce to the store and see if it fits. Robyn

P.S. to luv2putt - where's the food in your refrigerator :)?

Here is a link that might be useful: Refrigerator Drawer

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I don't think it would be for an average size head of lettuce. We have been looking at these fridges. Most suggest putting deli meats, cheeses, can drinks (some have temp settings for what you put in them), snack foods like puddings, etc in for kids.

I found that some models with the two veggie/fruit compartments up top are not even deep enough for a head of lettuce. I realize that I mostly use bag lettuces now but if you have a cantalope or large veggie like spaghetti squash it wouldn't fit. That automatically eliminated several for me. If you have that 4th drawer, you then have less space either in the fridge or the freezer. On the ones we looked at, it was taken from the top section of the freezer. That rack or pull out shelf wasn't as deep. Stand back and look at where the fridge part stops and freezer starts on both types, you'll see the difference.

I will always put my milk on the shelfs inside the fridge, not on the door. I want it as cold as possible, although I know its meant to hold it in the door.

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shortyrobyn--- food in the bins ... i dont store a lot of food fresh daily for what i need ...plight of a bachelor ...

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Love2putt - you may now send me some of the chard in ur fridge. U have too many!

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