Opinions on gift cards..,

katefisherNovember 30, 2011

Hello all. My first time here on the Holiday Forum so I hope my question is appropriate.

Thinking of buying my parents gift cards this year for the first time ever. Specifically, a large gift card from Safeway. Now historically my Mother has always told me she isn't keen on gift cards BUT everytime I go home I hear a lot of complaining about the insane cost of groceries. So since they are at a stage in their life where they really don't need more 'stuff' a gift card to me just makes sense.

I'm wondering, would you be receptive to a grocery store gift card? Personally I would love it. Who couldn't use a few more dollars for groceries in their pocket?

Thanks for your time.


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Ummmmm...that's a tough one to answer, Kate...& BTW, welcome to the forum!

You know your Mother (&Dad) better than me ...but if she has an aversion to gift cards, I would say it might be more fun to fix up a beautiful big basket of goodies of their favorite foods/coffees/teas/whatever & give that to them & then if you don't think that is enough...how about attaching a 'date card' for lunch as your guests! Jeanne S.

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Welcome Kate! I say yes, unless money isn't tight for your parents. If they can easily afford the high prices of groceries, then I'd go for a gift basket. If you know they are cutting back on groceries, then by all means get them a card.

Do they ever buy groceries from Walmart or Target? If so, you could get a card from them because they can buy other items besides groceries.

I wish someone would give me a Target gift card. lol

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Thank you both for your thoughts and the welcome. My Mom is really hard to buy for and she hates gift baskets. Plus I live in CA and she in Washington State. I'll keep searching.


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Marlene Kindred

What I was going to suggest was to give the gift card attached to something else that they might really love to eat....like special coffee, chocolate covered pecans, or something similar. As an example (but not quite the same thing) my mom used to fuss about microwaves and she couldn't understand why everyone had to have one, but one Christmas we gave them one and now she would break my arm if I tried to take it from her. Maybe your parents would be receptive too once they actually used the card.

Good luck!

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Thank you Marlene. Love my folks dearly but buying gifts for them is a mad challenge every year. I like your idea though and appreciate everyone's time.


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