Grout then caulk?

yazkJuly 5, 2013

Hi all

At the edge of my tiling (installed about 6 months ago) where it meets our bath/shower tub, the grout is now showing some minor cracks. Probably the result of the tub moving slightly.

I am going to re-grout over the cracks, but should I then go over with a clear silicon caulk? Or should I just now apply a white silicon caulk and forget any further grout?
My thinking is that caulk will flex slightly so not crack.

Thank You.

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Caulk at any and all change of planes, never grout!

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What Millworkman said :)

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Remove the grout completely, fill the tub about 2/3, caulk with 100% silicone, let set for 24 hrs before draining.

Putting weight into it before caulking "pre-stresses" the joint so that, with water & bodies in use, the caulk doesn't pull away...

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