Additional Fridge space Column or Drawers

PostvtJune 3, 2012

I'm doing a partial kitchen remodel (one new wall and taking out a range for induction cooktop). This wasn't really planned in advance and only last year my refrigerator died so I have a one year old Kitchen Aid cabinet depth French door fridge with thru the door ice and water (worked with the space we had). We drink a lot of water and enjoy the dispenser but between the ice/water, cabinet depth and French doors it is a small refrigerator and I cook all the time and we eat lots of produce and we live in a rural area but have special food needs (allergies and gluten free) so I have to stock up items that I have to drive an hour to get so I store more yogurt, cheese etc than most people (goats instead of cow and not available close to home).

I could really use more fridge space but don't want to replace the brand new refrigerator or re-do that wall of the kitchen (if it had not just been replaced I might have considered reconfiguring for a 48 inch like I had in my old house). I have one new wall run in this addition (laundry room project and changing traffic flow led to some reworking of the kitchen). The current plan is ovens stacked (miele convection and speed, considering steam under counter too or instead large oven under new cooktop and stack speed/steam?) counter space between (36 inches) and then a Thermador 24 inch all fridge column and a door to a new pantry. I am thinking the new fridge will be my cooking ingredients - veggies and meats, bottles and sauces, wine, breads, backup supplies and the old fridge will be snacks, leftovers, eggs, cold cuts, cheese. I have a garage freezer so my freezer space is fine.

I love the thought of all that fridge space but I wonder if a set of refrigerated drawers would be enough. Clearly they would be cheaper and i would have more counter space. If i went with all three ovens one could go above the drawers and keep it at a nice working level instead of under counter. But the 24 inch column would have great door space and lots of space at eye level. I think I'd use the drawers for meat and veggies to get that bulk out of the other refrigerator. My juices, wine, salad dressing, ketchup etc are very crowded though. Any thoughts or advice? For anyone that has drawers for extra space IN a kitchen how do you use them? Anyone with an extra fridge only like I'm considering? Do you end up having to check both fridges looking for things??

My kids are high school age so food needs might decrease soon but we also live in a place where when we a empty nesters and with family for holidays will continue to have house guests.

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