Beadboard in the bathroom? Advice needed

simonebJuly 31, 2008

Hi. My husband and I are planning to use beadboard halfway up the walls of our bathroom. I had read good things about Nantucket Beadboard, but... not one store in New York City (that I can find) carries it (there is a place in Brooklyn that's listed as a retailer, but they don't have it in stock). Also, within an hour radius of New York City, no one has it (I called...). I am wondering if anyone has suggestions of companies that are equally good (especially for use in wet areas like a bathroom)? I am concerned about warping so I would like to go with something of high quality. Suggestions are appreciated. Demo started on the bathroom yesterday so the clock is ticking!

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I would like to know this as well. Is all beadboard created equal? Love the old fashioned look of it. I recently saw an episode on HGTV where Candice Olson used it as a backsplash in a kitchen! Hmmmmm....

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We put beadboard in our kitchen, and our contractor used a vinyl product that he swears up and down is the most brilliant item he's ever seen. I was completely horrified about using vinyl, but he convinced me, and it looks and feels like wood (and it's primed and painted like wood also). You can't tell the difference at all. FWIW, he's a very upscale contractor...

So we're going to use it in our master bath renovation as well - we start next week.

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november-- do you know what the product is called or where to get it??? I'd love to take a look at it myself.

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Could the "vinyl" product be Azek?

Here is a link that might be useful: Azek bead board

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I don't think it's aztek, but I would recognize the name. I did a quick search and didn't find it. It comes in flat boxes in maybe 48" height and 32" height pieces. We used the 48" in our kitchen, which came to maybe 58" with baseboard and top molding. I'll figure out what it is and post it. Here's a picture of it in the kitchen (it's sheen-y because of the semi-gloss paint!)

And mudroom:

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I just googled vinyl beadboard to see if I could find who makes it, and I found this article:

The article implied it has to be special ordered, but I think my contractor got it at Home Depot. But of course, I can't find it on their site. I'll ask my contractor - he's installing it in my bathroom next week, so I'll have all the details. I just realized that my whole house seems to be covered in beadboard... it's really not!

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Thanks so much for the great info and pics, November! Do let us know when you find out the make :-)

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they have it at home depot and lowes...all vinyl.

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Thanks andrelaplume2--I know that Home Depot and Lowes carry beadboard, but from what I read after doing a beadboard search, the quality is not very good. Anyone here used their stuff?

We had read good things about Nantucket Beadboard and were all set to buy it, but -- I called the one company in NYC that is a retailer this morning and they (after calling the manufacturer) told me that they didn't have the specific item I asked for in stock -- to make it, and send it, they told me it would be $500 for ONE 4ft by 8ft sheet. That is totally insane right? A New York Times article (from 2006) said it Nantucket beadboard cost $2/per square foot. Ugh!

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Hi, I used the vinyl in my bathroom. Looks, acts and cuts just like wood. I tried to find them in Loes or HD and didn't find it. I would go to any lumber yard. They usually have it in boards (not panels but it goes up easily). One of the manufacturers is Azek but there are many others. Just ask the lumber yard what they carry. You'll be much happier than what you may find at a Home Depot

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I found out what my contractor is going to use for our bathroom. It's Veranda vinyl wainscot. I'll post pictures as soon as it's up (late next week, I hope).

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Thanks for the resource info folkman and November. I will be looking for the pics of your bath soon!

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