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foodonastumpJune 6, 2013

...with water and ice, the latter preferably in the door without hogging up a ton of fridge space?

Any brand or model to stay away from? Samsung, KA, LG, GE, they all seem equally sketchy when I think I like something and google reviews. Wondering if there are some clear general preferences around these parts.

I'd prefer to stay in the low-mid 2's, but like with everything in my rushed remodel I'm flexible.


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GE Cafe Series CYE23TSDSS

This is the just released made in the USA fridge.

New type of insulation for greater interior room and hot( + cold) ice dispenser.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Samsung RFG237AARS if you are not prone to buying just released appliances.

Samsung top FD fridge last 5 years according to JD POWER.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Thanks - I've been leaning towards Samsung so I was hoping that would get a thumbs up.

The GE sounds interesting, if a bit over-gadgeted. I'll see if I can find one around to check out.

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Debbi Branka

I have a JennAir and I love it! KitchenAid has the same model so I would expect it's just as good. Filtered water dispenser inside fridge - takes NO space. Ice in freezer is great. It's also (at least it was 2 years ago) the tallest fridge out there at 72" (I believe) so it didn't leave a gap between my cabinet above. I've attached a picture of it installed.

Here's a link:

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Another Samsung vote. We have the SxS CD version & love it. Well thought out interior, quiet, plenty of space.

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I'm trying to decide between the JA JFC2290VE 72" CD-depth with Pro door handles @ 30 1/4" with 1" space behind so 31 1/4" or the new model GE 69" CD CYE23TSDSS hot water dispensing fridge-depth with handle is 31 1/4" with 2 inches required behind so 33 1/4".

I've looked at the JA Pro 72" CD many times and have no doubt is sturdily made. It does not feel flimsy, inside nor out. A main attraction is the water dispenser on the inside and layout.

I will look at the new GE CD this week. Five 5 star reviews now out on the new full size GE hot water dispensing model (CFE29TSDSS). One purchaser mentioned an ice water drip, with GE technical said is due to air in the ice line, and to flush the air out by adding another (3rd) gallon of water, if I got that right.

Both offer unique features. Good luck to you.

edit: deb52899, i meant to ask you what is the distance in inches between the top of your 72" JA and your over the refrigerator cabinet, if you would? Does the amount allow adequate pull out?

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I also have the Samsung Samsung RFG237AARS. Unlike many on this forum, I wanted both ice and water in the door so that narrowed down the choices that were also counter depth. I have been using the fridge for about 18 months now and really like it. I find that it easily holds as much food and then some as my previous side by side. I do find that I keep the little flip up shelf (that is next to the ice maker) in the up position because Use that space for containers of juice and milk.

The was some discussion about Samsung French Door refrigerators in a previous post. I have linked that post below. If you scroll down you will see a reply from me which details my great experience with Samsung customer service.

Here is a link that might be useful: Posts re: Samsung

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The Samsung RFG237AARS fridge review sounded great to me. I found it on Amazon and also on
Reading reviews on - it was reported that when the customer ran into some problems, they couldn't get parts to fit. sounds to me like the fact that this refrigerator has been around awhile and though good quality, maintenance could be a problem if parts ever need to be ordered, i.e. Samsung has probably changed their designs and this one is "old". Think I will stay away (unfortunately). I know other reviews are positive but this one made me remember how these things can happen -
look up review here about parts not fitting --report at

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Thanks for the additional comments and links. I'm not too concerned about that negative review; I'd expect to get the "newer" model. I really wish we weren't set on the ice and water in the door but the reality is we use it a lot.

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