Does a full integrated under counter wine fridge exist?

gothamlJune 18, 2013

We are thinking of moving the location of the wine fridge in our kitchen layout, but in its new location I would like one that is undercounter and fully integrated, but I can't seem to find one! Any ideas? Thanks!

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Maybe I am just not getting the term, but what are you meaning my fully integrated?

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If by fully integrated you mean accepts a door panel overlay and can be located so that this panel is in the same plane as nearby cabinet door panels, then the Perlick Signature series meets the definition. If fully integrated extends to having the toe-kick area paneled also, then it fails because that is where the refrigeration exchanges air. There may also be requirements on space at the back that increase the counter depth -- I don't recall as I usually add counter-depth space anyway for other reasons.


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Thanks for following up. By fully integrated I mean that it looks like your surrounding cabinets with no glass panel that shows the wine inside. Sub zero has an integrated option but it only matches the perimeter of the door to the surrounding cabinets, there is still a glass window in the center.

I understand that one would want the exchange at the bottom uncovered, I am just trying to find one where the door would be all wood.


Does anyone have a Perlick? What do you think of it?

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Now I understand and yes Perlick does offer that option. I do have a Perlick C-Series, which isn't the top of the line, but I got it from the Factory seconds area and at 1/2 price it was a steal. It does have audible noise to it, but nothing that my wife and I can't live with.

Here is a link to the C-Series:
C-Series LINK

Here is a link to the factory seconds:
Factory Seconds Link

Hope this helps


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Apparently ULIne makes one too!

I am going to need to compare the two.

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I have the Uline and like it a lot. It is not noisy and the temperature seems accurate. I have the black frame with flush handle, not integrated.

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If you go with the signature series in Perlick you are basically going top of the line. I think, if I recall correctly, it has a multi-stage compressor, but I could be wrong about that.

I know you won't come close on prices for the two (U-line and perlick).

If you can get one with the stainless door for cheap on the factory seconds you can always remove that and put on the cabinet panel, there are just screws holding it on, they are interchangeable.


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