BOP Holiday Pics ...' Gotta Go' Take a Look

jeannespinesNovember 30, 2010

Winter decor is started! So the first place decorated is the BOP (back of potty)! Tee hee! Punk asked about BOP just a short time since we had some good giggles over last year's post, thought I'd start a new one. Here's my BOP today...with a new silver tree I just got:

Here's a closer view of my angel bell & a pair of birds:

And here's my little angel...isn't she sweet...she's a Goebel (W. Germany) that was my G'ma's & I inherited it from my Mom ... Mom got it in 1979 at G'ma's estate sale. She is precious:

Ok, here's a couple other BOP pics posted from punk & oakley just I am adding them to this thread...hope that is ok ...phonegirl...this one is so darn cute!

Punk's BOP:

Oakley's the cute Santa display in the glassware!

Any of you want to share? Just add on to this post!

GOTTA GO! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne...cute thread.
Your 'BOP' is so darn cute..I think if I went in there, it would make me want to hang around - just to enjoy the scenery! I think all that's needed is some Christmas Music. I remember OA did that for her Halloween Party.

I love your sweet little angel..and the fact that she was handed down from your DGM to Mom to you.
Your little silver tree with the birdies is so adorable.
You said you just got that tree...did you buy it new?
My mother bought me one just like it when I was a teenager...and I just loved it...I haven't seen any like that since...Only ALL silver. I'd love to know if they are selling that style tree again.
I enjoyed seeing OA & Punks BOB..and thought they were
cute too. Nice to see you added them here...I think they'll enjoy that.


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Woohoo Jeanne, you Rock!!! I play the accordian and so your little girl made me smile. I love how you decorated your BOP. Angel, tree, birdhouse, birds and candle is perfect.

Love Oakleys red and wht BOP too. Those bright red buckets w/snowflakes decorated w/trees are so pretty and I love Santas. Whats inside the glass vase on top of that snow? Looks like Ice Cubes but I'm thinking must be rock crystals.

I'm going to love this thread.


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What fun! Love it, can't wait to see more.

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LOL, jane...yup, if I could be as inventive as OA, I'd sure pipe music into there! And, yes, I did buy that little (l2") silver tree "new" while shopping with friends recently...tweaked it shaping out the branches for's glittery...from a specialty shop in small town. Thought it looked good with crystal sleigh & santa, too.

punk...thank that you play the accordian!, too! Jeanne S.

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I love this post too, Jeanne, but can't add to it yet since I haven't decorated mine yet! ;o)

Very sweet little angel and what a sweet arrangement you've created.


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Jeanne, I love your BOP decorations. It's has two of my favorite decorating elements, pink and shiney. Your new little tree is adorable. Here is my BOP in the guest bath.

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Back at ya, frou...this sleigh is beautiful here with the rose needlepoints framed ...& I like the glass tree & angel..great BOP pic! TFS! (looney)! LOL! Jeanne S.

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What a sweet vignette you've set up. I love your idea...
wish I'd thought of it. LOL. Right now I have NO clue what I'm doing with mine yet.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, I just saw this topic and I love it. Your angel is precious. What a heirloom you have!

Frou, I just love your sleigh and pink balls. You can't tell from my picture but my bath is mostly pink and green so it would have really looked nice in there!

Punk, I'm not sure what it's called, some sort of decorative "ice." It comes in a small bag so it doesn't go a long way.

Here's a good one for you. Typical man story. This is the bathroom my husband uses. Several days after I put up the decor, I asked him if he liked it. He told me he never noticed it! lol Men!

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I'm taking the liberty of posting Purplemoon's BOP pic here from her album...don't miss out on her 2010 Christmas is below. Her bathroom decor is AWESOME! the cloches! TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Purplemoon 2010 Holiday Decor

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