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monicakm_gwJuly 31, 2014

Hi everyone. I know there is a cleaning forum but it's fairly dead-ish compared to this one so I'm trying here first. I have a very bad lower back. My activities are very much limited as I just suffer thru life without pain medication for fear of becoming addicted. My husband bathes (vs showers). He's in construction and gardens and has other outdoor activities. His poor bathtub gets pretty dirty before I can get it clean and then I'm paying for it for it for the next two days. Yes, he will clean it if I ask (and has) but he shouldn't have to. He already picks up a lot of my "slack" due to my health. He has a physically demanding job. My job is to take care of the house and cook. I know there is a product to spray on shower doors after use to keep them clean. Is there anything that helps to keep dirty bath water from sticking to the sides? He uses Dial liquid soap and I know he rinses the tub after use but I also know he forgets. Years ago there used to be a spray on product with teflon that worked wonders. It's been ages since I've seen it.
Thank you!

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When I was using my bath exclusively for a year I found that if I took a micro fiber cloth and wiped the tub down at the end of my bath, I rairly had to do anything else. I kept the cloth hanging on a rail at the tub. When my sisters and I were children, us girls would take baths together and we could be pretty dirty. Our mother alway put dish soap in the tub for bubbles and to help prevent a bathtub ring. I don't know how effective it was but might be worth a try:)

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I'm not sure what your tub is made of, but when I had a fiberglass shower to keep clean, I thought Gel-gloss did a great job of making it easier to clean. I don't recall being concerned about it making it slippery underfoot, but it was a textured floor. That might be a consideration for a tub, tho.

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Another thought is to use a long-handled brush to clean the tub so you don't have bend and squat to get to it. I found this in a quick search. My SIL used to use a mop.

Here is a link that might be useful: long-handled brush

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