SURPRISE Christmas decoration!

PurplemoonNovember 21, 2010

When Punk showed her Christmas decor in her bathroom, I commented on how I loved the wood (purple) snowman she'd painted and put on her wreath. Well bless her heart, she asked for my address so she could send it to me!! WOW.

but I'm here to tell you she's a sneaky lil' devil

...or rather ANGEL. ;o)

Here I was expecting a padded envelope with the purple

Snowman and instead I got a BIG, heavy box! Soon as I

picked my jaw up off the floor, I raced to open it cause I

knew she'd gone and done something super special for me!

I wish she could have seen my face when I saw just what that was! A beautiful wood tray with a darling Elf, wearing purple, that she painted for me!! Needless to say, I LOVE it! Love, love, love it!

And my purple Snowman is even better than I expected!

Punk, I can't thank you enough for such adorable Christmas decorations. I will treasure them for many years to come.

I wish I could give you a real hug, but the cyber one is straight from the heart!

hugs, Karen

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Wow, Karen

That's a great tray and snowman! Punk, you're a doll. Where else would Karen get a great PURPLE snowman and elf?

What great friends we are making through cyberspace!

- Magpie

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What an amazing surprise. Did she paint them both?

They are just gorgeous!

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Just downright SWEET! sure sent some perfect gifts for purplemoon! That little ol' elf is such a cutie & the snowman, too. TFS your gifts, SWEET! Jeanne S.

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Karen, those are just adorable, Punk you did a great job.

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How sweet and just perfect for you - again friends reaching out through the internet. Beautiful job Punk - your little painted characters just make one want to smile - good job :) .....


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Karen, glad your package arrived ok. I'm surprised you already got it. I had tracked it and it said the 20th but we don't get deliveries here on the weekends so I figured it would arrive tomorrow.

I'm thrilled that your happy with both of them. Sometimes one has to be careful what they ask for!

Magpie, amazing how one becomes friends through cyber space.

Boop, I did paint both of these. I had painted the snowman years ago. After PM sent me her address, I realized I couldn't send just a snowman! So I took a partial snow day from work and painted.

Jeanne, was hoping this elf would be something she would like. Painting it purple had to help

Nancy, so glad you like both of them.

Lynne, it is amazing what the internet does for all of us.

Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments on my painting.

This was fun and I was hoping PM would enjoy her surprise when she opened it. Wasn't sure what to write on it when I started. As I painted a warm feeling came over me and I knew I wanted it to say something I hadn't used before.

PM, thanks for the cyber HUG, straight from the heart. BTY. Wish I could of delivered your package in person to see your face.


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That's Punk...Giving from the Heart!
Karen, how wonderful to receive these. They are both so cute and the 'custom purple' touches are so 'You'!
Actually the little Elf could very well be Punk herself.
She's always busy, working away...I don't think she ever sleeps!
These will be gifts to always treasure, and with a double meaning -
They were made especially for you..and are from
A Special Friend!


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Punk, I would love anything you did...but this Elf and the words you chose shows just how well you know me. It couldn't be more perfect.

Nothing "store-bought" can equal something made by a friend. Those things are priceless.

hugs, Karen

"If you don't have Christmas in your heart,
you won't find it under a tree"

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Karen. What a wonderful surprise!!!
They are so charming,
I love the face on the snowman.
Punk what a nice thing to do.
This is the season of Love.

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Cute, cute, cute and sweet, sweet, sweet.

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What a wonderful surprise for you Karen. Did you notice that Punk painted that great tray especially for you in "half a day"--she is just the fastest painter I know!

The shape of that tray is so unique, and I love the words too. Great job, Punk, both with your wonderful painting and in the selection of the design and words. ;o)

That little snowman with the Montana cowboy hat will be a great reminder of your friendship too.

Postage costs-- way too high, but the cost of putting a smile on someone's face--priceless!


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Oh wow, what a great friend you've made in cyberspace! Punk, that was so lovely of you to do such a thing, it epitomizes what this time of the year is all about. :)

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Those are adorable, Karen. Punk is a sweetie! Enjoy them!

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What cute things you make. Do you ever do craft shows?

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Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments. You are the best friends anyone could want. If I had more time, I would paint everyone something and send for Christmas.

Williamsburgjane, I use to do craft shows years ago but only paint for fun these days.


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Wow, Purplemoon, that is 1 terrific gift!! Couldn't imagine a purple scarf for Christmas but he looks so very festive & has such a cute face. The elf is adorable. You sure know how to paint, Punk!! Beautiful work & wonderful to gift your treasures to a friend, sounds like you really made her holidays this year because every time she passes those sweet faces she will think of you & smile!! Jan

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